Teil Rhodes Reveals PWI’s Dispute with Family Following Cody’s #10 Ranking

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Does Cody Rhodes deserve a higher ranking in this year’s PWI 500? Teil Rhodes certainly believes so.

This week, PWI released the ‘Top 10’ of their annual ranking of the 500 best wrestlers over the past 12 months, with Rhodes taking the #10 spot.


On Twitter, Teil said her brother deserved a much higher ranking, claimed that PWI has beef with her family, and questioned Will Ospreay being missing from the ‘Top 10’ list.

Instead of Cody, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins took the #1 spot, with Rollins’ Shield allies Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley taking second and third place.

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Cody Rhodes’ Ranking in PWI 500: Does He Deserve Better?

The Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 is an annual ranking that determines the best wrestlers over the past year. This year, Cody Rhodes, a prominent figure in the wrestling industry, secured the #10 spot on the list. However, his sister, Teil Rhodes, took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with his ranking, claiming that he deserved a higher position.

Teil Rhodes argued that someone at PWI has a personal issue with her family, which influenced Cody’s ranking. She further questioned the absence of Will Ospreay, another highly regarded wrestler, from the ‘Top 10’ list. Her tweets sparked a debate among wrestling fans and raised questions about the credibility of the PWI 500 rankings.

In response to Teil’s claims, many fans supported Cody Rhodes and agreed that he should have been ranked higher. They argued that he is one of the biggest attractions in wrestling and that the list is merely fan fiction. Some even suggested that Cody should have been placed at the top of the ranking based on various metrics, including ratings and overall popularity.

However, it is important to note that the PWI 500 rankings are determined by a panel of experts who consider multiple factors such as in-ring performance, championship wins, and overall impact on the wrestling industry. While Cody Rhodes has undoubtedly made significant contributions to the sport, the panel’s decision ultimately reflects their assessment of the past year’s performances.

In this year’s PWI 500, WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins claimed the coveted #1 spot, followed by his former Shield teammates Roman Reigns and Jon Moxley in second and third place, respectively. These rankings were based on the panel’s evaluation of their accomplishments and contributions to professional wrestling during the designated period.

It is worth mentioning that rankings are subjective and can often spark debates among fans. Each wrestling fan may have their own opinion on who should be ranked higher or lower. However, it is essential to respect the expertise and judgment of the panel responsible for compiling the PWI 500 list.

As wrestling enthusiasts, it is natural to have differing opinions on rankings, but it is crucial to remember that these rankings are meant to recognize the achievements and contributions of wrestlers within a specific timeframe. Cody Rhodes’ #10 ranking in the PWI 500 is still a significant accomplishment, showcasing his talent and impact on the wrestling industry.

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In conclusion, while Teil Rhodes may believe that her brother Cody deserved a higher ranking in this year’s PWI 500, it is important to respect the panel’s decision and acknowledge the accomplishments of other deserving wrestlers. The rankings are subjective and aim to recognize the best performers within a specific period. Cody Rhodes’ #10 ranking is still a testament to his talent and influence in the wrestling world.