Teddy Long Says Vince McMahon Needed Some Rest, Now Has Something To Prove

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On a current episode of The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, previous WWE SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long talked about Vince McMahon and his brief lived retirement that concerned an end previously this month.

Long used a fascinating analysis, showing how Vince McMahon required some rest after running WWE non-stop for nearly 5 years. He included that Vince McMahon now has “something to show.”

You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On how Vince McMahon required some rest: “Well, in my viewpoint, I believe this benefited him. I believe he required some rest. He was a workhorse. 24/7, all that he did was wrestling. I believe him getting away and getting some rest cause he dislikes sleep. When informed me that sleep was his opponent, he. Possibly him taking a break and getting away, perhaps got a possibility to rest, get some sleep, and get his ideas backs together because, I indicate, we all require that rest. That rest is truly essential. Now he got his ideas together and he’s prepared to kick it back in equipment.”

On Vince McMahon having something to show: “I’m grateful to see him back in power. My choice was never ever for him to step away, anyhow… … But now Vince has something to show, and he’s going to let everyone he’s more effective than ever.”

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