Teddy Hart Is Back In Jail

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Teddy Hart Is Back In Jail (February 2021 Edition)

teddy hart february 2021

Is Teddy Hart in jail again? Yes, he is.

Hart (Edward Ellsworth Annis) is back in jail, this time arrested on February 10 on charges of for injuring a child/elderly/disabled, evading arrest and possession of a controlled substance. It is worth noting that these are the same charges he was arrested for in October, which all stemmed from his December 2016 arrest and the reason he was brought back to Texas last year.

As it was reported at the time of the most recent arrest in October, Hart was booked into Tarrant County Correction Center in Fort Worth, Texas on October 22 after being named as a fugitive from justice in the state on May 4.

According to court documents filed then, Hart was facing those same three charges related to the December 2016 arrest. It was believed that the new arrest and his extradition to Texas is related to a parole violation.

Hart has been arrested multiple times in recent months, starting with a February 2020 arrest for possession of narcotics with the intent to sell or distribute and in March related to a domestic violence incident involving girlfriend Maria Manic. Hart had been jailed in Richmond County Jail (Virginia) in September 2020 in relation to violating a house arrest order stemming from the arrest in March. Hart was scheduled for a hearing in Richmond, Virginia in October but it was ultimately canceled as he was extradited booked in Tarrant County Jail.

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