Ted DiBiase Sr. discusses WWE’s utilization of Jake Roberts’ wife in his rivalry with Rick Rude

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On a recent edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. reflected on the feud between Jake Roberts and Rick Rude leading up to WWE Survivor Series 1998.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On his history with Jake Roberts’ wife: “In Georgia, that’s where he met her. He met her in Atlanta. That’s where she’s from. When they first started dating, I was right there. So I’ve known Cheryl from the beginning. And, of course, they also parted ways for a while, and it just tickles me that they’re back together. I think it’s great.”

On his history with Roberts: “I think Jake has done incredibly well for having to overcome a lot of the personal issues he had in his life. We’ve been friends for a long time, and it’s like a lot of people say, ‘Well, who is your greatest match with?’ Or ‘Who did you like to wrestle with the most?’ And I guess, like I can tell everybody this. I said there, it’s almost an impossible question to answer when you realize how many times we wrestled. It’s just like, we didn’t have a football game once a week. We wrestled every night and all these people. But at the top of the list, or near the top of the list anyway, is Jake. Because in terms of the psychology of pro wrestling, we come from the same background. And so it was easy for us to gel.”

On WWE using Jake Roberts’ wife for his storyline with Rick Rude: “If there was ever a time where you say, ‘Okay, we can allow it under those circumstances.’ Because if she’s part of the show, I get it.”

On whether he would let his wife be part of a storyline with WWE: “Probably not. I don’t think that I would, but I say that because I know she wouldn’t. She had no interest. She watched me and she told me, she goes, ‘I know why. I know why you’re one of the top guys after watching you.’ And she appreciated that, but never had any desire to be a part of the show.”

On whether Rude took it too far by having Roberts’ wife’s face painted on his tights for the feud: “Well you know, it depends if everybody’s — it’s kind of like this. If Rick Rude just did that and on his own and never asked Jake about it, then I would say that’s out of line. But if he does, if they discuss it and Jake gives approval to him doing that as part of the ongoing show, then okay. If I saw my wife’s face on somebody’s tights, I’d knock them out.”

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The Feud Between Jake Roberts and Rick Rude Leading up to WWE Survivor Series 1998

In the world of professional wrestling, feuds between wrestlers are a common occurrence. These feuds often serve as the driving force behind storylines and matches, captivating audiences and keeping them engaged. One such feud that left a lasting impact on the wrestling community was the rivalry between Jake Roberts and Rick Rude leading up to WWE Survivor Series 1998.

During a recent episode of his podcast, “Everybody’s Got A Pod,” WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. took a trip down memory lane and reflected on this iconic feud. DiBiase, who had a history with Jake Roberts’ wife Cheryl, shared his thoughts on the feud and shed light on some behind-the-scenes details.

DiBiase revealed that he had known Cheryl since the beginning of her relationship with Roberts. He expressed his joy at seeing them back together after their separation, stating, “I think it’s great.” This personal connection with both parties involved in the feud added an interesting perspective to DiBiase’s analysis.

When discussing his history with Roberts, DiBiase praised his resilience and ability to overcome personal issues. He considered Roberts one of his greatest wrestling partners due to their shared background and understanding of the psychology of pro wrestling. Their chemistry in the ring made their matches memorable and captivating for the audience.

One intriguing aspect of this feud was the involvement of Jake Roberts’ wife in the storyline with Rick Rude. DiBiase acknowledged that if there was ever a time to allow such involvement, it was under these circumstances. He understood the decision to incorporate Cheryl into the show, as it added an extra layer of drama and intensity to the feud.

However, when asked if he would allow his own wife to be part of a storyline with WWE, DiBiase admitted that he probably wouldn’t. He explained that his wife had no interest in being part of the show, despite appreciating his success in the industry. This highlighted the personal preferences and boundaries that exist within the wrestling community.

One controversial moment during the feud was when Rick Rude had Roberts’ wife’s face painted on his tights. DiBiase offered his perspective on this, stating that it would depend on the circumstances. If Rude had done it without Jake’s approval, it would have been out of line. However, if they had discussed it and Jake gave his approval, then it was acceptable as part of the ongoing show.

The feud between Jake Roberts and Rick Rude leading up to WWE Survivor Series 1998 was a testament to the storytelling and drama that professional wrestling can provide. It showcased the personal connections and boundaries within the industry, as well as the impact that these feuds can have on both wrestlers and fans.

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