Ted DiBiase reveals plans for Bray Wyatt’s upcoming project this month

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WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. has said that Bray Wyatt was supposed to start something new with WWE which would have begun this month.

During the latest edition of his “Everybody’s Got A Pod” show, DiBiase spoke about the passing of Windham Rotunda and what plans WWE reportedly had in mind. He said,


“Windham was a great kid, he really was. They were just getting ready to go back, they were supposed to start again in September and start up something new. Now he’s gone.”

DiBiase Sr. also recalled attending the funeral which saw several wrestling personalities present. He said,

“I got on a plane, I flew to Tampa, and I went to his funeral. It was sad, it really was. I talked to Mike [Rotunda] briefly, obviously, he was happy I was there. Shane McMahon was there, somebody told me that they saw Stephanie and Triple H, and you know, I was like, I don’t know how I would have missed that. I guess anything was possible.”

Rotunda died of a heart attack in his sleep last month. He was 36.

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Bray Wyatt’s Unexpected Passing Leaves WWE Plans in Limbo

The wrestling world was left in shock last month when Windham Rotunda, known by his ring name Bray Wyatt, passed away at the age of 36. As fans and fellow wrestlers mourned the loss of a talented performer, WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. revealed that Wyatt was set to embark on a new chapter in his career with the company.

During an episode of his podcast, “Everybody’s Got A Pod,” DiBiase shared insights into the plans WWE had in mind for Wyatt. He disclosed that the company intended to launch a fresh storyline featuring Wyatt, which was scheduled to begin this month. Unfortunately, with Wyatt’s untimely demise, those plans have been abruptly halted.

DiBiase spoke highly of Wyatt, describing him as a “great kid” and expressing his sadness over the missed opportunity for him to showcase his talents once again. The wrestling legend also attended Wyatt’s funeral, where he encountered several familiar faces from the industry paying their respects.

The passing of Wyatt has left a void in the wrestling community, as fans and colleagues remember him for his unique character and captivating performances. Known for his eerie persona and psychological mind games, Wyatt had become a fan favorite during his time with WWE.

Wyatt’s sudden death from a heart attack in his sleep serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of cherishing every moment. The wrestling world has lost a talented individual who had so much more to offer.

As fans continue to mourn the loss of Bray Wyatt, they can find solace in the fact that his legacy will live on through his memorable matches and captivating storytelling. WWE has yet to announce any plans regarding how they will honor Wyatt’s memory, but it is likely that tributes and dedications will be made in the coming months.

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The passing of Bray Wyatt has undoubtedly left a void in the wrestling world. As the industry mourns his loss, it is a reminder to cherish the talents and contributions of those who entertain us. Wyatt’s untimely departure serves as a sobering reminder of the unpredictable nature of life and the importance of appreciating every moment we have.