Taz On Getting The Bug Back For Commentary, MJF’s High Ceiling & Promos From The Heart (Exclusive)

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Taz On Getting The Bug Back For Commentary, MJF’s High Ceiling & Promos From The Heart (Exclusive)

Taz says you might see him—or hear him—back in the commentary booth somewhere in 2020, but he’s enjoying what he sees from some of AEW’s key pieces.

Taz, a noted Buffalo Bills fan, was more than kind enough to give me (a lowly New York Jets fan) some time during Starrcast IV to talk about the big wrestling weekend that took place in Baltimore.

Before he surprised people at AEW Full Gear by showing up to do joint commentary with Excalibur and Golden Boy during the Buy-In for the Britt Baker and Bea Priestley match, Taz expressed getting the bug to saddle back up behind the booth by the time 2020 rolls around.

“I’ve been having the bug back to do commentary again. I just, I miss it and I had a chance to do it on three matches. Excalibur and I did the commentary on that Dark episode that was in Philadelphia, I had a blast,” Taz said. “So we’ll see, maybe in 2020 you’ll hear Taz doing commentary again someplace.”

"The Human Suplex Machine" @OfficialTAZ is in the building for #AEWFullGear Buy-In. #AEW pic.twitter.com/hUFAFjdS7j

— Dominic DeAngelo of WrestleZone.com (@DominicDeAngelo) November 10, 2019

I noted Taz’s own unique wrestling style and asked who stood out to him as far as current talent goes, and the man who made FTW a mantra had very high praise for several of AEW talent, most notably MJF.

“A lot of people. There are a lot of super-talented people in the industry right now, but if we’re just speaking on AEW, I mean promo-wise,” Taz said, “a guy who I think is going to be a future world champion and he’s underratedly good in the ring at a young age, MJF does a tremendous job.”

Taz also very much digs what Orange Cassidy has been giving fans as well as the special presence that Jurassic Express provides for the wrestling world, noting how unique each of them are. Taz praised Cody as the obvious choice for the hottest babyface in the business right now and referred to Cody’s “silver spoon” promo when talking about how promos from the heart really deliver.

“The promo was awesome cause it was not written, it was from his heart. I can tell you, all those promos I cut with a towel on my head or in the ring in Philadelphia or in New York or wherever in ECW, that was from my heart,” Taz said. “When you cut a promo from your heart and there’s not writers and bosses up your rear end how to cut a promo and you have that passion and you have that anger, it comes out, we saw that in Cody on the last episode of Dynamite.”

We’ll see when Taz makes another run at commentary, but until then he can be heard on The Taz Show, with the latest episode featuring his Starrcast discussion with Jurassic Express as the latest episode.