Taz, Jim Ross & Excalibur Talk Lance Archer’s AEW In-Ring Debut: ‘This Is The Time For Him’

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Taz, Jim Ross & Excalibur Talk Lance Archer’s AEW In-Ring Debut: ‘This Is The Time For Him’

Lance Archer

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Lance Archer has some fans in Taz, Jim Ross and Excalibur. The commentary trio could not be in attendance for last night’s AEW Dynamite to see The Murderhawk Monster make his in-ring debut against the scrappy Marko Stunt, but it’s clear to all three of them that Archer is going to be a force in the company.

“What we saw was a very driven, very focused Lance Archer in his AEW, Jim,” Excalibur started off.

“He has a chance, does Lance Archer, to re-invent himself, to make his own legacy and if he gets the “rub” from Jake The Snake or Jake Roberts (whatever we call him this week) but he’s gonna learn a lot and he’s going to get some more confidence,” said JR. “He’s a former college quarterback and he grew out of that position quite obviously. 6’6″, 6’7″ he’s got a leverage advantage over everybody that he fights just about and certainly Marko Stunt should be given a credit and a bonus for taking that ass whooping tonight.”

Taz added to JR’s insight, saying that Archer indeed has something you can’t teach to a wrestler.

“I have to tell ya, I feel like this is the time for him,” said The Human Suplex Machine. “He’s had a lot of success, he has experience but this is really the time for him to really blow up and I think right here in AEW it’s going to happen cause he’s got this insane size as we know, he’s got this great athleticism as we know and his intensity in the ring, but he has something you can’t teach and that’s presence. He has a presence about him. He has a presence.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can watch the entire AEW Dynamite post-show by viewing the video below:

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