Taz Crowns Brian Cage The F— The World Champion

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Taz Crowns Brian Cage The F— The World Champion

Brian Cage Taz FTW

The “F— The World Championship” is now a part of All Elite Wrestling.

Who better than @MrGMSI_BCage to bring back @OfficialTAZ's FTW Championship? #AEWDynamite #FyterFest #AEWonTNT pic.twitter.com/dfyeG5V7Jq

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_gif) July 9, 2020

Taz, who previously invented the belt during ECW in 1998, gave the belt to Brian Cage ahead of his Fight for the Fallen match against Jon Moxley. Tax held the belt twice untl it was unofficially unified with the ECW World Heavyweight Championship in 1999. Prior to Cage, the only other man to hold the FTW belt was Sabu.

Hopefully some of you guys learned a lesson tonight. Don’t “assume” everyone reads these silly ass spoilers because MOST fans don’t read them. And more importantly just because it’s not in the “spoilers” u read online doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! #FTW #AEWDynamite #FyterFest pic.twitter.com/a4QL13x1w7

— TAZ (@OfficialTAZ) July 9, 2020

Taz says that whoever holds it is “the baddest son of a b—- in wrestling.”

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