Taylor Wilde Confirms In-Ring Return, Previews What’s Next For Season 2 Of ‘Wilde On’

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Taylor Wilde Confirms In-Ring Return, Previews What’s Next For Season 2 Of ‘Wilde On’

Taylor Wilde‘s comeback tour is getting underway sooner than you think.

Wilde recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about her return to the wrestling world in 2020, which includes finding success on the airwaves with her podcast, Wilde On. Earlier this year, we also found out that Taylor was in talks to make a one-time appearance at IMPACT Wrestling’s Lockdown event in Toronto in April, but that ultimately got canceled due to COVID-19. Taylor explained how the format of her show has evolved since premiering earlier this year and how season two will be different, which she has now confirmed will document her long-awaited in-ring return.

“We’re almost wrapped up for season one. I did a ‘proper’ season with 26 episodes, when we spoke the first time, [the show] was very much supposed to be this voyeuristic look at these candid conversations between myself and the girls I’d worked with over the years. When I started planning more episodes I started realizing that there were actually some men that had been really important to me and a lot of women that I had worked with that were very pivotal in the women’s movement. That’s where [Samoa] Joe came from and I had some of my trainers,” she said, “season two is going to have a more candid look at me getting back on the road… because I am getting back on the road.”

“I won’t spoil the surprise and say what company it’s going to be,” Taylor said, “but I wanted to be inclusive [with the podcast]. There’s a huge movement in the LGBTQ+ world, which is where Sonny [Kiss] came from, as well as there’s women I’m just a huge fan of and didn’t get to meet or work with, and I really wanted to highlight who they were as people, which is where Sienna [Allysin Kay], Killer Kelly, and a few others [came in], that I hadn’t had the pleasure of working with. Nevaeh will be on next week and it’s been this creative outlet of reminiscing, but it’s also been a way for me to meet new girls in the business that I didn’t have the pleasure of working with the first time, but hopefully in this ‘Taylor Wilde 2.0 resurrection’ I’ll have the chance to formally meet them, not just on Zoom.”

When asked if she could say any more about getting back on the road, Taylor said it’s coming “sooner than later” and to stay tuned for an announcement. She also discussed how she’s able to travel now due to more stable protocols, who she has had her eye on as potential opponents, and much more.

Check out our full interview at the top of this post; Wilde On airs on your favorite podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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