Taya Valkyrie Talks The Addition Of Deonna Purrazzo To IMPACT Wrestling

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Taya Valkyrie Talks The Addition Of Deonna Purrazzo To IMPACT Wrestling

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Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Deonna Purrazzo is the latest addition to the IMPACT Knockouts division. Does Taya Valkyrie feel threatened?

Speaking With Spencer Love, Taya Valkyrie, the longest-reigning IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts champion in history, discussed how she feels about the new addition to the roster and how she feels about making history as the longest-reigning champion.

Spencer Love passed along the following quotes to WrestleZone:

Being the longest-reigning champion in IMPACT history

“I mean, it’s crazy. I remember when everything was starting to happen, (it’s) like ‘you’re like only a few days away from breaking this record’, and I just kept going in, and I was just like – I watched TNA and I looked up to so many people, and that generation of Knockouts in early TNA, like was so inspirational to me in becoming a wrestler. I remember just being like ‘these girls get a lot of time,’ and they (got) to show so much more than the girls were getting in WWE at the time. I mean, obviously, things have changed and evolved, and women as a whole are just getting a lot more respect and opportunities than we ever have, and it’s because of women like that, the women that started at all in TNA.”

“I am so blessed to even be working for this company that I looked up, you know, wanted to be part of for so many years, and also to be put in a category with some of the top women and men in professional wrestling as the longest-reigning champion in Impact Wrestling history. So, I take that with – I am very proud of that, and I hope that everybody from those older generations is proud of me and hoping that I represent him as well as I can.”

What Deonna Purrazzo will add to the Knockouts division

“I mean, let me say this – and I said this already in another interview – I’m just waiting to see exactly what Deonna’s gonna do. I have never wrestled her, ever, and she’s literally just got – she’s just got there. She’s literally been there not even long enough to have a cup of coffee and you know, and get me one, too. I’m still – I am just waiting. I am the person that is waiting to watch and see what happens, I mean, bring it, Deonna, because I’m watching you.”

You can listen to the full interview by clicking here.