Tay Conti Says She Still Needs Final Approval, But She Plans To Make Her MMA Debut Soon

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Tay Conti Says She Still Needs Final Approval, But She Plans To Make Her MMA Debut Soon

tay conti

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Tay Conti is looking for a fight in the squared circle and the cage.

Conti recently spoke with Michael Morales Torres from Lucha Libre Online and revealed that she will be making her MMA debut in the near future. She said she has a date on the calendar and needs final approval, but hope it happens soon because she’s worked extremely hard for it.

“Yes, this is one of my goals that I want to achieve. I was never very good with my strikes and with my hands. With my kicks yes, but with my hands no. I have Judo and Jiu Jitsu that help me a lot. I’m working my hands right now to try to be better. When I set out to do something, I have to do it well,” Conti explained, “otherwise I will not do it. That is why I am training and I am determined. I am training every day. I spoke about a date and a person and yes, yes, I will be fighting in MMA very soon. I obviously have to talk to Tony and talk to everyone prior to come to an agreement; but it is one of my goals. I hope it happens very soon because I am working very hard for this.”

While she’s still waiting to finalize plans for her MMA debut, Conti says she also has some new wrestling goals in mind, including a potential match with Deonna Purazzo for the Knockouts Championship in IMPACT Wrestling.

“Well of course. I will never say no to competition. I wanna do it. I can do it. If my boss [calls] me and says: ‘You can go’. I will go! All I need a word from my boss and I’ll be there. To wrestle Deonna for the Championship. I’d love to,” Conti said. “Also go to AAA or anywhere. I love to wrestle; I love doing my job, learning, helping other people, having other people to help me and sharing together. Whatever they tell me to do, I will do it and I will be happy. I hope to be able to wrestle Deonna very soon”.

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