Tamina Cracks Under Pressure, Cuts Mad Promo From A Mental Hospital

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Tamina Cracks Under Pressure, Cuts Mad Promo From A Mental Hospital

Tamina Snuka is a WWE veteran. This is a fact, even if it doesn’t seem like it. From bodyguarding AJ Lee all the way to challenging for the title this past month at Money in the Bank, Tamina has been competing in the company for a solid decade. One reason it might not seem that long is that she doesn’t have much to show for it, and a new promo from the Samoan reveals that she’s more than aware of that fact.

Appearing from inside a mental hospital of some sort and wearing a straightjacket, Tamina goes from reciting a rhyme of her own making to repeating that there’s “no one nicer than Tamina” to commenting on giving a decade of her life away for nothing. She also states that she’s never felt more alive than she does now in her “cracked” state.

After my devastating loss at #MITB and 10 years of being used and abused it has finally happened…..”The Trepidation”.
.#WWE #SmackDown #SmackDownLive #Raw #BackLash #Tamina #Cracked #NobodyNicer #NobodyMeaner pic.twitter.com/G09fWyasqK

— Tamina Snuka (@TaminaSnuka) June 8, 2020

We haven’t seen Tamina on TV since her loss at Money in the Bank, but the tweet accompanying this promo mentions both Raw and SmackDown as well as Backlash. In all likelihood, we’ll see more from the longtime WWE competitor this week. Tamina could finally break out of her shell thanks to a mental breakdown.

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