Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2: Rise of the Torturer Roster Includes Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner, And More

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Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2: Rise of the Torturer Roster Includes Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner, And More

Talk N Shop A Mania 2

The Talk’n Shop A-Mania crew is back with Talk’n Shop A-Mania 2: Rse of the Torturer, an event that promises to be the second worst pay-per-view ever. Thanks to a press release, fans know know the roster for the highly anticipated show, and it includes legends like Tommy Dreamer, Scott Steiner, and more.

TalkNShopAMania 2: Rise of the Torturer Press Release

TalkNShopAMania 2: Rise of the Torturer is coming to pay-per-view Friday, and IPPV via the Fite TV app on November 13, at 10PM ET!

Coming off the heels of this summer’s instant cult classic, TalkNShopAMania, the Hoots are back. The boys of TalkN’Shop – Impact Stars “The Big LG” Doc Gallows, “The Machine Gun” Karl Anderson, and New Japan Pro Wrestling Star Rocky Romero, are bringing more surreal insanity to the pay-per-view airwaves.

The event is highlighted by the main event Ball for a Ball Match, featuring Chad 2 Badd taking on his rival Sex Ferguson in a match you’ll have to see to believe. The most insane cinematic match of the year, Chavo Guerrero vs Chico El Luchador, promises to serve as a double main event!

Hardcore legends Tommy Dreamer, Justin Credible, and Rhino take on each other, as well as a cast of characters, in “ROLL UNDERSHED.”

Roster: Scott Steiner, Shane “Hurricane” Helms, Scott D’Amore, NZO, Chavo Guerrero , Teddy Long, Tommy Dreamer, Gangrel, Justin Credible, Nathan Orton, Rhyno, Heath, JTG, Brian Myers, Balls Deep Billy, The Warlord, Freight Train, Ball Lame Man, Barbarian, Virgil-Sami Calihan, The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, Ethan Page, Taya Valkyrie, Mark Jindrak, Rory Fox, Mike Knox, Mad Man Fulton, Air Paris, Swoggle, Mr. Hughes, Alex Kozlov, Uncle Bobby Ferguson, Paul Lee, Kevin Fertig, George North, Lazer, Lariato Man, Annie Cruz, David Penzer, Bryce Cannon, Rimjob, Stump Kowalski, Frankie Coverdale, Chris Van Vliet, and Lisa Ann.

Where to Watch: TalkNShopAMania 2 will be featured on pay-per-view and be available to over 70
million homes via cable and satellite in the US and Canada. TalkNShopAMania 2 will be available via: InDemand, Direct TV, Dish, Verizon U-Verse, Shaw Pay Per View, Bell TV, and Sasktel. It will also be available on FITE TV. TalkNShopAMania 2 will have a price of $14.95 and runs nearly two hours.

Sponsors: We are proud to have Pro Wrestling Tees, Highspots, Pork King Good, Shumaker Law Firm and FITE as sponsors of TalkNShopAMania2.

Show Hashtag: #TalkNShopAMania2, #2ndWorstPPVEver”

It was so bad, they had to do another one.

Friday the 13th isn't going to scare you, it's going to disgust you with the PPV that promises to be worst than the first.#TalkNShopAMania2

Who's balls will stay intact when @MachineGunKA battles @The_BigLG?

— FITE (@FiteTV) November 10, 2020

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