Take Van Dam on why Taz Had Warmth with EVERYBODY

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My smooth AEW Wrestler says this plugin is smooth. So i wouldn't reveal he's careless um i i've been accused of being careless uh by tears and presumably we'll fetch to that however um wait on in the day um why does all americans we discuss over with dangle a wretchedness with that or had a wretchedness someplace in that he used to be he on the moment he he um he wasn't somebody .

That he certainly wasn't somebody that esteem blends into the dressing room he stands out and he makes himself stand out uh let me paint an image for you however here’s when i i'm no longer certain here’s aloof 99 even though however when i first got to ecw and that i'm meeting all americans uh .

Large originate room you know esteem a warehouse roughly room the put that's the put we're dressing all americans's all you know uh there's tables and chairs of us standing with out reference to over here is taz however you would't no doubt see him because he's got a circle of males spherical them group taz .

Carrying orange jackets and so they're standing shoulder to shoulder making a circle spherical him and he's in the center hours sooner than the cowl getting puffed up you know and it's esteem if sabo wanted to chat over with him about one thing you you gotta you know esteem fetch permission from the outer circle or reveal .

I wanted you know k i want a moment of test time you understand it used to be precise he build himself in a predicament the put how would possibly perchance well you no longer dangle a wretchedness with him you know what i mean um he he used to be esteem that wait on then he cared very very noteworthy about ecw he cared very noteworthy .

About his predicament and and he had his dangle um his dangle visions and he used to be very protecting of of that that in and of itself in all equity of an extraordinary match for ecw the put it used to be esteem a gang mentality the put you all roughly participated equally yes however there had been .

Particular guys that had been no doubt tight with paul esteem they lived in enormous apple bubba tazz and uh and dreamer had been noteworthy closer to paul than the relaxation of us who would possibly perchance well be esteem flying in from georgia or florida or with out reference to because they are going to be there if that they had any .

Place of industrial meetings that would possibly perchance well be that would possibly perchance well be what the notify of industrial consisted of you know because dreamer uh would attain the the t-shirts taz taught the wrestling college you know bubba would uh they'd be they'd fetch the posters collectively and be striking posters up or ship them to the metropolis to promote our .

Exhibits they had been all instrumental on a sure level than precise the abilities so there is that what did you assume of the ftw world title i hated it i hated it i felt esteem it used to be um i felt esteem it used to be a compensation for taz's ego .

That's what i felt esteem i felt esteem when i got there he used to be the fellow that had been uh spending all of his efforts um to to be the match and to be with sabu and to be the fellow that beat cebu sabu used to be esteem a god and he used to be feuding with taz and no one had overwhelmed sabu and that they had this thing .

Going that used to be that had been building and used to be used to be to proceed building for some time that used to be presupposed to be esteem i later saw me and mike awesome as presumably being esteem the ultimate thing ever wait on then taz and sabu used to be being built up because the ultimate match ever when i came in .

I no doubt felt esteem taz design that i precise you know esteem bumped him over and took his field i came in and worked sabu i beat sabu taz wasn't chuffed about that um and that i felt esteem esteem he design he used to be getting uh pushed out of the characterize and there used to be uh there used to be pretty a few .

Animosity between all of us wait on then and that i believed esteem the ftw belt used to be his system of saying effectively i'll precise create my dangle belt then why'd they retain it spherical see you later even though um precise detect him pretty presumably so uh paul did play kate tazz you know the total time and uh if truth be told .

You know i this belt that i got from bam bam bigelow i’d bring it to the in taz had a sleek sleek having a look belt from jmr that he wanted me to wear as a change and so they acknowledged you know and he would reveal uh we got this sleek fabricate isn't that fine it's all shining it used to be silver the ftw belt used to be gold .

However the tv bill used to be silver i wasn't going to wear it you understand it's all dazzling thanks thanks subsequent week i'd cowl up brother why aren't you oh i left it at home i'm sorry you know and then i did that for the longest time except all americans i dangle paul used to be you know the mark belts the heavyweight belt they .

Match however the tv belt didn't match them because i saved bringing this for the longest time in the raze uh in the raze i narrate i would possibly want to dangle decided you know k and that i do know i've per chance even got it presumably i don't know if they both they’d perchance dangle redone it and made it in gold because .

I made that comment i'm no longer going to wear it it's silver looking out to manufacture this up i dangle yeah i dangle that they reordered it in gold and then i felt obligated esteem k i narrate i'm gonna dangle to uh after they did all this roar the sleek test and that's how i ended up with .

This thing is i precise saved forgetting it at home after they requested me to come wait on it attain you know why pope holy at final decides to fetch rid of it uh no i’d purchase that you just know esteem i acknowledged there used to be that that uh that taz dreamer bubba um coalition that used to be that used to be in paul's ear repeatedly talking so i’d purchase .

They came up with you know ecw's rising we wish a sleek test
I be furious for wrestling, because they’re the smart!!

Take Van Dam on why Taz Had Warmth with EVERYBODY

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