Synergy Pro Wrestling Owner Exits After History Of Sexually Assaulting Boys Emerges

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Synergy Pro Wrestling Owner Exits After History Of Sexually Assaulting Boys Emerges

Synergy Pro Wrestling

Image Credit: Synergy Pro Wrestling

Synergy Pro Wrestling is no more after its owner’s history of sexual assault was uncovered. The promotion was owned by Patrick Shea, who went under the alias “Colin West.” Previously, Shea had been convicted of sexually assaulting three male aquantances between the age of 6 and 10 on Feb. 4, 1999, and then also convicted of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy. Attention to Shea’s hidden past was brought up by indie wrestler Terra Calaway.

I claim to be a leader in this community, I need to be a leader. Even when it's with a broken heart and angry soul.

I am ashamed to have ever allowed Colin West aka Patrick Shea, the owner of Synergy Pro, into my life and my locker room.

Pro wrestling deserves better.

— Queen of the Dinosaurs 🦖 (@TerraCalaway) March 5, 2021

Shea has since exited the industry and according to Synergy Pro Wrestling’s website saying he is “leaving wrestling immediately” and will make no effort to return or be involved in the future. The Tier 2 convicted sex offender he has “taken great strides to become a better man,” but admits that nothing he does can “change what was done.” Shea says he’s proud of who he is today and never deceived anyone, despite not being forthcoming about his history as a sex offender.

For full transparency, and to keep a record of his response, you can view Shea’s full statement below:

I’m going to keep this short, as I know nothing I say will mean much to many of you.

I’m sorry I was not strong enough to break the cycle of abuse. It happened to me as a teenager & I should have been better. I was not. This is not an excuse. My actions were disgusting, and you have every right to be disgusted by them.

I have taken great strides to become a better man. Nothing I can do will change what was done. I can never fully repay that debt. But I can spend the rest of my life trying, and I will.

Please do not take this out on the Synergy roster. They did not know. They are very good wrestlers & even better people. I’m sure they are hurting enough right now. Please support them.

It is clear by public opinion I am not welcome, and I will be leaving wrestling immediately. I will make no effort to return or be involved.

I hope I have proven to some of you along the way that people can change. You weren’t deceived. I am who I portray myself to be. I hate what I did decades ago. But I am proud of who I am today.

My primary goal in wrestling was to make people happy. I’m sorry I failed.