Sylvain Grenier Draws Criticism for Referring to Big Show by His Legal Name

Sylvain Grenier Draws Criticism for Referring to Big Show by His Legal Name
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In a recent episode of his podcast, “Developmentally Speaking,” Sylvain Grenier, a former WWE superstar, shares about his experience throughout his journey in the WWE developmental system.

Be sure to check out the notable points from the podcast discussed in this report:

While reflecting upon his lack of understanding regarding the rules and culture that run through professional wrestling, Sylvain Grenier said, “I was almost in grave danger. I behaved like a naive fool. No one trains you regarding the respect that is essential in this field. For me, respecting everyone comes naturally. However, in the wrestling world, the level of respect required is something else.”

Regarding his initial days in OVW, Grenier described the scene saying, “There were huge and intimidating people, small folks, overweight individuals, and exceptionally talented women involved. I was blown away and kept thinking, ‘What’s this all about?’ There were also many fantastic wrestlers, proficient, technically sound, and amazing.”

An interesting anecdote Grenier shared was about the time he referred to Big Show by his real name. He said, “No, it’s not ‘Big Show.’ It’s Paul. That’s what was going on in my mind. So, when I addressed him as ‘Paul,’ I received backlash because apparently I was supposed to call him ‘Big Show.'”

A related video of Sylvain Grenier discussing many topics including WrestleMania XIX, Hulk Hogan, OVW, La Resistance, and more can be found below.

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