Swerve Strickland’s Initial Dislike for His AEW Theme Song and Eddie Dennis Makes a Comeback

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Independent wrestler Mark Wheeler took to Twitter today to announce that he’ll be returning to the ring. He wrote,

“I’ve been off with an injury since June of this year. I’ve finally being given a date to return. February 2024 I’m back full time! My schedule is starting to fill up but I’m ready to go anywhere and everywhere. Please share because the Golden Gun is back soon.”


Eddie Dennis announced his retirement from wrestling earlier this year. He would later go on to join WWE as a writer and producer for the NXT brand.

Dennis made a surprise appearance at Pro Wrestling Chaos’ ‘You Say You Want A Revolution’ event on Sunday.

You can check out some highlights from his appearance below:

During the latest edition of his “Swerve City Podcast,” Swerve Strickland revealed that he wasn’t a fan of his AEW theme song ‘Big Pressure’ at first. He said,

“One thing that I try to keep in both, the wrestling and the music, is try not to sacrifice too much of the art. At first, not going to lie, this is probably the first time I ever said it out loud, but the first time when we were making Big Pressure, I was like, ‘I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m feeling it.’ I wasn’t 100% sure. I trusted Flash, I trusted Prophet, the producer, I trusted Khalid, who co-produced on it. These are guys that won a Grammy with Kanye [Kanye West]. I kind of have to trust that. It was not necessarily the song I would make and the type of rhythm. That’s not my art, but it’s still art. I’m not sacrificing too much of my art form from it, it’s still me, I have to find me in that song in a sense and where I can find it. Being adaptable is one of the biggest things I’ve learned in wrestling that has translated to other forms.”

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Independent wrestler Mark Wheeler has announced his return to the ring after being sidelined with an injury since June of this year. In a tweet, Wheeler expressed his excitement about getting back into the full swing of things in February 2024. He also mentioned that his schedule is starting to fill up and he is ready to travel anywhere and everywhere. Wheeler, also known as the “Golden Gun,” is eager to make his mark once again in the wrestling world.

Another wrestler making waves in the industry is Eddie Dennis. Earlier this year, Dennis retired from wrestling and joined WWE as a writer and producer for the NXT brand. However, he recently made a surprise appearance at Pro Wrestling Chaos’ ‘You Say You Want A Revolution’ event. The crowd erupted with excitement as Dennis stepped back into the ring. It remains to be seen if this appearance is a one-time thing or if Dennis will continue to make sporadic appearances in the future.

In a recent episode of his “Swerve City Podcast,” Swerve Strickland opened up about his initial reaction to his AEW theme song, ‘Big Pressure.’ Strickland admitted that he wasn’t initially a fan of the song but trusted the producers who had previously won a Grammy with Kanye West. He emphasized the importance of not sacrificing too much of his own art while still finding himself in the song. Strickland’s ability to adapt and find his own style within different forms of art has been a valuable lesson he has learned throughout his wrestling career.

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Overall, the wrestling industry continues to evolve and surprise fans with unexpected returns, retirements, and creative endeavors. It’s an exciting time for both wrestlers and fans alike as they navigate through the ever-changing landscape of professional wrestling.