Surprise Family Appearance at GUNTHER Match Caught WWE Off Guard

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Chad Gable’s family watched on in tears as he lost to GUNTHER during the September 4, 2023, RAW, and WWE had no idea that the Gables would be at the show.

Speaking on “After the Bell,” Gable recalled his recent main event with the Austrian and the emotional response from his family. He said,


“It just happened that my family was there. It wasn’t like I said, ‘let’s get you guys front row and make this a big deal.’ It was the last week before school, so I said, ‘let’s give them one last fun thing before the summer.’ I don’t request front-row tickets, I just get comps. They happened to sit there and get placed there.

“[WWE] didn’t even know they were coming, they had no idea. When they found out about it, they said, ‘let’s take advantage of it’ and film me during the day, but none of it was privy to them earlier in the week. I wasn’t aware of where they were sitting until minutes before, my wife sent me a picture.

“My oldest daughter is by far the most emotional. They all have different personalities, but she’s the one the world saw crying that night… My middle daughter, she couldn’t care less. She was looking down to see how many nachos she had left.”

In a post-match backstage interview, Gable vowed that he would be the one to dethrone GUNTHER as WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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Chad Gable’s Emotional Main Event Loss and Family Support

Professional wrestling is known for its dramatic storylines and intense matches that captivate audiences around the world. In a recent episode of RAW, Chad Gable, a talented wrestler, faced off against GUNTHER in a main event match that left his family in tears. This unexpected emotional response from his loved ones added an extra layer of intensity to the already thrilling encounter.

Gable, in an interview on the podcast “After the Bell,” shared his experience of having his family present at the event. He revealed that it was not a planned arrangement but rather a spontaneous decision to give his family one last fun outing before the start of the school year. Gable did not request front-row tickets; instead, he received complimentary tickets, and his family happened to be seated in the front row. WWE was unaware of their presence until they found out on the day of the event.

The wrestler’s oldest daughter was particularly emotional during the match, shedding tears that were captured by the cameras. Gable mentioned that each of his children has different personalities, with his middle daughter seemingly more interested in her nachos than the match itself. This glimpse into the personal lives of wrestlers and their families adds a human element to the larger-than-life world of professional wrestling.

Despite the emotional setback, Gable remains determined and focused on his goals. In a post-match backstage interview, he declared his intention to dethrone GUNTHER and become the WWE Intercontinental Champion. This display of resilience and determination showcases Gable’s commitment to his craft and his unwavering belief in his abilities.

The presence of Gable’s family at the event highlights the importance of support systems in the lives of athletes. The emotional investment and encouragement from loved ones can provide the motivation needed to overcome obstacles and achieve success. It also emphasizes the impact that professional wrestling has on not only the performers but also their families, who experience the highs and lows alongside them.

As fans of professional wrestling, we can appreciate the dedication and sacrifices that wrestlers like Chad Gable make to entertain us. Their performances in the ring are not just scripted entertainment but also a reflection of their passion and commitment to their craft. Gable’s emotional main event loss serves as a reminder that behind the flashy personas and thrilling matches, these athletes are real people with real emotions.

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