SuperHeroKids WWE Superstars in Training!

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This is one nice wrestling match. hey guys where’s Supergirl kids and where no Landa Florida and we’re at the WWE Performance Center and we’ve been challenged to become superstars and training and we’re already superhero so how hard I’ve been become superstars this is a paid advertisement from Mattel it’s like honestly a breeze easy peasy I’m nervous like a hundred percent nervous pretty amazing right it’s so nice to meet you three my name is Matt bloom and I am the head coach that WIB Performance Center I oversee a hundred and five talents journey as they try to become WWE Superstars you know those guys you see and girls in the middle of a ring with all those fans cheering for them going nuts it all starts here and today is your first day see what it takes to become a WWE Superstar how are you guys feeling so excited I’m ready to knock this out oh oh I think it’s gonna be easy yeah I’m excited and I’m ready to do this I love that so listen one thing I see with all three of you confidence and that goes a long way all right guys so this is strength coach Sean Hayes he’s in charge of this strength and conditioning weight room here guys and what it takes to be a WNBA superstar you need a strong body and a strong mind physical fitness is so important coach Hayes is gonna take you to two stations today coach what do we got for him all right coach we got some good stuff planned for you guys we’re gonna do exactly when our double W superstars do on a daily basis all right we’re gonna start off with some box jumps some push-ups and some med ball lunges what do you say to that yeah if you advance here we’re gonna do a little bit harder exercises with some pushes and sled drags and some farmer cares you guys are for the challenge all right we’re gonna do five box jumps here land properly step down five push-ups on the sand do in five med ball lunges each way take your time quality reps over quantity all right here we go let’s do box jumps push-ups lunges let’s go guys enthusiasm oh here we go there we go nice no we’re doing single leg lunges here because single leg exercises are a great way to develop strength push-ups got an upper body strength right thanks job done right here coach that’s Bob your I’ve done right let’s go let’s hit these box jumps awesome look at that look at that nice good push-ups right there yeah great upper body movement and it’s off the ground a little bit so it’s gonna be a little bit easier on our joints it’s a great way to develop upper body strength all right all right here we go we got on these push-ups no come on now give it to a good form excellent a lot of what we do in the ring it’s single leg movements like one run the ropes so great way single leg exercise it’s metaball lunges you guys are crushing it the guys station one seemed a little bit easy but now seeing a little bit tougher and with toughness that begins to what mold a WWE Superstar okay as John Cena says never give up so when it gets tough right now you can’t quit you got to push through the pain the tiredness there we go coach what are we doing now all right no we’re gonna do sled drags all the way to that logo we’re gonna do farmers walks and we got sled pushes these are staples right here in the Performance Center this is where we make WWE Superstars all right let’s get good knee bend let’s stay nice and tall when we walk with those farmers and let’s get going with those sleds what are we doing we go through the line we finished another important aspect to be a WV superstars finish yeah here we go let’s go here we go guys come on nice Noah there we go nice and strong drive switch it up here we go we got sled pushes we’re gonna work on lower body posterior chain something that we need in the ring and also it’s tough here we go nice to pull there we go there we go nice Noah killing it and a good drive good drive up those farmers nice and tall excellent come on finish nice job okay here we go you’re gonna get that contract ready coach you need three a little bit tougher you there you go let’s get good knee bend and let’s drive right through that line here we go nice and tall just Armour carries in the sled push it’s excellent what we carry people in the ring it’s working our grip great core exercise we got to push people in the ring so sled pushes are a great way to kind of mimic that movement you guys definitely did a good job a little harder than the first round right are you guys tired robber forever all right so listen station one you guys are amazing you guys tore apart station two so I have an idea station 3 I think we should you think so all right guys are you guys ready for the last station all right we’re gonna do the big tire flip you guys ready for that yeah let’s go let’s go so you guys made the first two stations look easy but this is the toughest lift in the gym coach Hayes all right here it is this is a thousand-pound tire you guys got to get low put your whole body into it and work as a team to flip this bad boy you guys ready you guys look nervous you superheroes there we go now you got to get low you got to get low on three three two three [Applause] two [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and I looked flipping tires is great no but it takes more than strength to be a double-double you superstar you’ve got to be able to bring your character to life inside the ring now I heard you guys brought some costumes with you well let’s see them awesome Wow Bravo all right now you got your costumes but here’s one of the big kickers something that really gets your character over strong and helps you connect with the audience is a catchphrase something that describes yourself to the crowd who you are what you are why you’re here do you think you guys could come up with a catchphrase right here on the spot yeah yeah all right who wants to go first and explain yourself with one catchphrase who you are to the audience I will I’m Electric Eden and you’re in first shot all right okay I think I’m gonna go my name is hype light and it’s more than a feeling it’s Who I am I really really like the catchphrases you got the catchphrase but I feel like it’s missing just a little bit of energy dig down deep exciting now come on let me really hear it what about you big man I really really like it but something’s just not connecting with Matt I feel like that’s not your character I feel like there’s something more inside of you that you can bring out to the audience now you guys as costumes and catchphrases are great but there’s one last thing to becoming a superstar and that’s picking out your theme music and I’ve got the song for you guys let’s go check it out ladies and gentlemen when good isn’t good enough you need super but what is super without the heroes please welcome the unstoppable super star team known as hero [Applause] please join me in welcoming the fiery and fierce blaze no striking within a moment’s notice Electra even the one who takes charge of it all flare hug the unstoppable team you guys are great what an amazing day I saw you guys this morning and I saw potential and you guys did an amazing job all day the superhero kids are for real why don’t y’all join me in the rain all right now that you’ve completed your super star training the big question is what’s next we’re gonna challenge kids funk TV to see if they can do what we did and become the next WWE Superstars [Music]

SuperHeroKids WWE Superstars in Training!

SuperHeroKids WWE Superstars in Training!