Sunny Shoots on banging Dolph Ziggler for 7 Hours. | Wrestling shoot interview

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Sunny Shoots on banging Dolph Ziggler for 7 Hours. Wrestling shoot interview. In this Wrestling Shoot interview Sunny discusses hooking up with Dolph Ziggler one night after a WWE ppv in Miami.

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That is one other unparalleled grappler!! what regarding the dolph ziggler stuff it curves to the left it curves to the left now that methodology he must whack off with his left hand to assemble these muscle tissue trot that plot uh very intriguing um because we it modified into generally love a marathon he he got right here to i modified into in citadel lauderdale doing a pay-per-peek birthday celebration .

Excuse me at a sports bar and he modified into doing the pay-per-peek in miami he had the match in opposition to loki i put out of your mind what they known as him there would they name loki in wwe i take into accout oh i forgot his establish anyway so fetch out about cut and that i were talking for approximately four months first it modified into on facebook then we started texting .

After which we started talking and then um it modified into about two weeks earlier than that point to and that i realized whoa i'm gonna be an hour faraway from him in florida i'm doing the pay-per-peek birthday celebration he's going to be in miami so i knowledgeable him i talked about i'm ethical going to be an hour faraway from you he goes i'm so there after the point to i'm love that modified into easy so .

We were flirting for four months so i'm staring at the neatly i repeat them to start with i talked about within the occasion you near down the ramp i need you to wink and blow a kiss into the digicam so i know you're all for me so i knowledgeable each person at the sports bar look for the wink and the kiss he comes down he walks appropriate as much as the ground cam winks and blues the kiss .

Every person popped within the sports bar because they actually you realize it modified into for me appropriate so he has his match and he will get kicked within the pinnacle and that i'm love oh that seemed actually stiff his lip busted open and he seemed ethical rocked excuse me so i texted him earlier than that even the match modified into over i talked about that younger folks stare actually exhausting in case you're hurt and likewise you .

Let me know um so he texts instantly after the match he goes yeah he goes i judge i maintain a concussion i'm going to trot get checked out by the doctors let me know the plot you would possibly maybe maybe also very neatly be a couple of half an hour later he texts me abet he's love yeah i purchased a concussion my lips busted open and they opt me to preserve local at the tv resort tonight i'm love it's k .

I realize in case you would possibly maybe maybe also't assemble it he goes that i'm no longer lacking out on this i'm coming i'm love oh my god so he's going in opposition to doctor's orders so he will get within the car after the pay-per-peek drives an hour up he stopped to get advil on the plot drives an hour as much as my resort yeah he bought there spherical 12 30 i express and it modified into love literally a .

Marathon seven hours of ethical madness seven hours of love guaranteeing i misplaced nine extensions out of my hair hairs being pulled and thrown every which plot there love there modified into love hair extensions laying in each do the location um it modified into seven hours it modified into and it modified into rather intense so then i had to trot i had a 9 30 flight so i didn't get any sleep .

I ethical took a bathe packed my baggage and that i knowledgeable him i talked about you know you're tired your head you would possibly maybe maybe maybe maintain a concussion preserve right here and get some relaxation so that's when he fell asleep i took the image and then i went to the airport and the photo now did he when this got right here out did he actually feel violated the least bit did he actually feel uh i don't know i haven't talked to him about it i .

Don't judge he can so there modified into no there modified into no dialog between you and him after this settled down after love after this got right here out no i'm undecided if he modified into upset about it he would maintain texted me or one thing love that i don't judge he cares appropriate i actually don't judge he cares originate you have faith .

He bought any heat from the location of job no in no plot it's his non-public lifestyles you would possibly maybe maybe also originate anything else you choose no i i needless to recount you would possibly maybe maybe also originate whatever it is this occurred in 2010 appropriate earlier than i purchased inducted into the hall of repute you .

I be loopy about wrestling match, because they’re the beautiful.

Sunny Shoots on banging Dolph Ziggler for 7 Hours. | Wrestling shoot interview

Sunny Shoots on banging Dolph Ziggler for 7 Hours. | Wrestling shoot interview