Summary of WWE RAW Results on November 13, 2023

Summary of WWE RAW Results on November 13, 2023
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Here are the results for the episode of WWE RAW airing on November 13, 2023. You can find our Friday Night SmackDown results here.

WWE RAW (11/13/2023)


Cody Rhodes introduces his team with WarGames. First is Jey Uso. Second is Sami Zayn. Third is Seth Rollins. Because of their history, Cody & Seth have a brief staredown. Judgment Day interrupts. Damian Priest says they are a bunch of randoms through together. When they step in the giant cage, the Judgment Day will be done with every one of them. Finn Balor asks how it feels to be World Heavyweight Champion, being stood to Cody Rhodes, the guy he could never beat. Cody says he is surprised they got down there without Mami. Damian Priest says she isn’t the leader, and neither is Dominik, or JD McDonagh, because he is the leader. Rollins wants to fight, so Priest accepts a singles match between him and


WWE RAW Results (11/13/2023)

WWE Raw Results (11/13/2023)

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The November 13, 2023 episode of WWE RAW delivered an action-packed night of wrestling entertainment. Here are the highlights and results from the show:

The show kicked off with Cody Rhodes introducing his team for WarGames. The first member introduced was Jey Uso, followed by Sami Zayn, and then Seth Rollins. Cody and Seth had a brief staredown due to their history. However, their confrontation was interrupted by Judgment Day.

Damian Priest, representing Judgment Day, called Cody’s team a bunch of randoms thrown together. He promised that once they step into the giant cage at WarGames, Judgment Day will be done with each one of them. Finn Balor then addressed Cody, reminding him that he could never beat him in the past. Cody responded by expressing his surprise that Finn made it down to the ring without his mother, Mami. Damian Priest clarified that Mami is not the leader, nor is Dominik or JD McDonagh. He claimed to be the leader.

Seth Rollins, eager for a fight, challenged Damian Priest to a singles match. Priest accepted the challenge, setting up a match between the two.

In addition to this exciting development, several other matches took place during the episode. Unfortunately, specific details about these matches were not provided in the article.

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Overall, the November 13, 2023 episode of WWE RAW delivered intense rivalries and set the stage for upcoming matches at WarGames. Wrestling fans can look forward to witnessing these storylines unfold in future episodes.