Summary of TNA IMPACT Wrestling Event on March 28, 2024

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Here are the results for the episode of TNA IMPACT airing on AXS on March 28, 2024. Missed last week? You can find the results here.

TNA IMPACT Results (3/28/2024)

Before the next match, Ash Be Elegance makes her entrance, but is holding ice on her lip after having filler. Therefore, she cannot wrestle in the next match, and she will be replaced (by Steph De Lander).

#1. [8-4-1] Havok, Masha Slamovich, Jody Threat & Alisha Edwards vs. Rosemary, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna & Steph De Lander – Winners: Rosemary, Brookside, Luna & De Lander

Dani Luna rolls up Slamovich to claim the victory, meaning the next match is between them to decide the #1 contender. An enraged Slamovich takes out Luna. During the next match, Ash Be Elegance attacks Xia Brookside after she was thrown on to her. The referee ejects her and the manager.

#2. [Knockouts Championship #1 Contender] Rosemary vs. Xia Brookside vs. Dani Luna vs. Steph De Lander – Winners: Steph De Lander with an assist from Matt Cardona

De Lander won after Cardona hit Rosemary with Radio Silence. The pair celebrated the victory.

The Rascalz and Steve Macllin mutually agree to go their separate ways. Possible dissension is shown between The Motor City Machine Guns, and then in another segment with ABC’s Chris Bey & Ace Austin.

#3. Grizzled Young Vets vs. Deaner – Winners: GYV

Alex Shelley wishes Nic Nemeth luck against Moose at Rebeliion. Nemeth says he would gladly give him a match after the show for the title, but Shelley doesn’t see any reason to wait. Was that a challenge?

Josh Alexander has a free open contract to face anyone tonight, so he challenges Alexander Hammerstone. He doesn’t answer the call, but Tracy Williams (last seen wrestling in AEW owned Ring Of Honor) does, who has been waiting for an opportunity. Josh accepts.

#4. Josh Alexander vs. Tracy Williams – Winner: Josh Alexander

Hammerstone attacks them after the match and stands tall over them.

Mustafa Ali is so proud to be on the PWI cover, that he shows a poster of it to General Manager Santino Marella. He questions why a big guy like Jake Something gets an X Division title shot, but Marella points out that Samoa Joe was a big guy and former X Division Champion. Ali doesn’t understand why he is called Jake Something, and while this is happening, Rhino creeps up behind Ali while breathing heavily. The champion tries to get out of it, but Rhino requests a non-title Old School Rules match against Ali, and Santino Marella loves the idea.

#5. Eddie Edwards vs. Mike Bailey – Winner: Eddie Edwards

In a short vignette, PCO challenges Kon to a Monster’s Ball match. In another short video, are getting the FBI next week? Next up, Frankie Kazarian talks about Full Metal Mayhem with Eric Young, before Chris Bey interrupts to challenge him to a match. After that, Tom Hannifan sits down for an interview to get to know Laredo Kid better.

#6. Steve Maclin vs. Chris Sabin – Winner: Steve Maclin

TNA IMPACT Results (3/28/2024)


The latest episode of TNA IMPACT, which aired on AXS on March 28, 2024, delivered an action-packed night of wrestling. If you missed last week’s episode, you can catch up on the results here.

The evening started with a surprising twist as Ash Be Elegance made her entrance but was unable to compete in the next match due to a lip filler mishap. She was replaced by Steph De Lander. In the first match of the night, Havok, Masha Slamovich, Jody Threat, and Alisha Edwards faced off against Rosemary, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, and Steph De Lander. The team of Rosemary, Brookside, Luna, and De Lander emerged victorious, with Luna rolling up Slamovich for the win.

The next match was a Knockouts Championship #1 Contender match featuring Rosemary, Xia Brookside, Dani Luna, and Steph De Lander. De Lander secured the victory with an assist from Matt Cardona, who hit Rosemary with Radio Silence. De Lander and Cardona celebrated their win.

Throughout the night, there were hints of possible dissension among various tag teams. The Rascalz and Steve Maclin mutually agreed to part ways, while The Motor City Machine Guns showed signs of tension. Additionally, ABC’s Chris Bey and Ace Austin had a segment that hinted at potential conflict.

In the third match of the night, Grizzled Young Vets faced off against Deaner. The Grizzled Young Vets emerged victorious in this hard-fought battle.

Alex Shelley wished Nic Nemeth luck in his upcoming match against Moose at Rebellion. Nemeth expressed his willingness to face Shelley for the title after the show, but Shelley saw no reason to wait and challenged him right then and there.

Josh Alexander had a free open contract to face anyone that night and issued a challenge to Alexander Hammerstone. However, Hammerstone did not answer the call. Instead, Tracy Williams, who was last seen wrestling in AEW-owned Ring Of Honor, stepped up to accept the challenge. Josh Alexander emerged victorious in this intense match, but Hammerstone attacked both competitors after the match.

Mustafa Ali proudly showed off his PWI cover to General Manager Santino Marella. He questioned why Jake Something, a big guy, was getting an X Division title shot. Marella pointed out that Samoa Joe, another big guy, was a former X Division Champion. Rhino then appeared behind Ali and requested a non-title Old School Rules match against him, which Marella approved.

In the fifth match of the night, Eddie Edwards faced off against Mike Bailey. Edwards emerged victorious in this hard-hitting contest.

The episode also featured several short vignettes and segments. PCO challenged Kon to a Monster’s Ball match, Frankie Kazarian discussed Full Metal Mayhem with Eric Young before being interrupted by Chris Bey, and Tom Hannifan conducted an interview with Laredo Kid.

The final match of the night saw Steve Maclin take on Chris Sabin. Maclin emerged victorious in this thrilling encounter.

Overall, the March 28, 2024 episode of TNA IMPACT delivered exciting matches, surprising twists, and intriguing storylines. Fans can look forward to future episodes as the drama and action continue to unfold in the world of TNA wrestling.