Summary of AEW Collision Results on March 30, 2024

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Here are the full results for the episode of AEW Collision airing on March 30, 2024.

AEW Collision Results

#1. [Cope Open for the TNT Championship] Adam Copeland (c) vs. Matt Cardona – Winner: Adam Copeland retains

As Copeland celebrates, the lights go out. When they come back on, Malakai Black is in the middle of the ring. Adam isn’t sure what to make of him. Black distracts him long enough for Buddy Matthews to attack him from behind. Mark Briscoe appears to even the odds, and Eddie Kingston does the same when Brody King joins the fray. The House Of Black thinks better of it and retreats.

Backstage, FTR doesn’t think they are the favorites to win the tournament. The strategy tonight is to not look past The Infantry. They may be a Cinderella team, but tonight, they don’t get the shoe.

In the ring, The Acclaimed send a warning to Colten & Austin Gunn. On Wednesday night, Max Caster challenges them to stay in the back and have faith in Jay White when he takes on Billy Gunn. Anthony Bowens calls Bullet Club Gold cowards. Next week, the demise of Bullet Club begins.

AEW Collision Results (3/30/2024)

AEW Collision Results (3/30/2024)

AEW Collision, the popular professional wrestling show, aired its latest episode on March 30, 2024, and it was filled with thrilling matches and unexpected twists. Here are the full results of the episode:

The opening match featured Adam Copeland defending his TNT Championship against Matt Cardona. In an intense battle, Copeland emerged victorious and retained his title. However, the celebration was short-lived as the lights suddenly went out. When they came back on, Malakai Black appeared in the ring, leaving Copeland confused. Black’s distraction allowed Buddy Matthews to attack Copeland from behind. The odds seemed stacked against Copeland until Mark Briscoe and Eddie Kingston rushed to his aid. The House Of Black decided to retreat, realizing they were outnumbered.

In a backstage segment, FTR expressed their focus on the present rather than looking ahead to the tournament. They acknowledged The Infantry as a formidable team but were determined not to underestimate them.

Inside the ring, The Acclaimed issued a warning to Colten and Austin Gunn. Max Caster challenged them to stay backstage and have faith in Jay White when he faced Billy Gunn in an upcoming match. Anthony Bowens called out Bullet Club Gold, labeling them as cowards. He promised that the following week would mark the beginning of Bullet Club’s downfall.

The episode of AEW Collision on March 30, 2024, delivered an exciting mix of action and storyline development. Fans were treated to intense matches and unexpected appearances, leaving them eagerly anticipating future episodes. AEW continues to captivate wrestling enthusiasts with its unique blend of athleticism and storytelling, making it a must-watch for fans around the world.