Sting: Vince McMahon Told Me The Thought Of Signing With TNA Was ‘Just… BLEGH’

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Sting: Vince McMahon Told Me The Thought Of Signing With TNA Was ‘Just… BLEGH’


Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Sting says Vince McMahon wasn’t exactly happy that he was going to ruin his legacy by signing with TNA Wrestling.

Sting was this week’s guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, and “The Icon” talked about his decision to sign with TNA after WCW went under. Sting says he didn’t immediately speak with Vince McMahon about signing with WWE in 2001, but Vince reached out to him about a year later. He says things went through attorneys and talks fell apart, noting that there’s more to it than that but “I just wasn’t willing to make the commitment that [WWE] wanted.”

Sting says Jeff Jarrett later called him to work with TNA, noting Jeff’s father gave him his first break, and he and Jeff worked on a show-by-show basis for a while. Eventually, he agreed to sign a contract and went to work with TNA full-time, and revealed Vince McMahon’s reaction to the situation.

“Vince was in the picture once again, and I’ll never forget it—I’m talking to him on the phone and I said, ‘Vince, I’m going to go to TNA.’ [And Vince says] ‘The thought of you and the legacy that you leave behind, and you going to TNA is just… BLEGH.’ [laughs] ‘He literally said ‘BLEGH.’ Yeah. Yeah, and then I’m working for him a few years later.”

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