Steve Maclin Comments On A Potential WWE Return, Impact Wrestling Experience

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Recently appearing on “The Wrestling Perspective Podcast,” Impact Wrestling World Champion Steve Maclin shared his thoughts on a potential return to WWE. He said,

Depends on the situation where I’m at. Maybe, I don’t know. I wouldn’t mind…”


Maclin also discussed his growth in handling backstage situations and interactions with higher-ups, emphasizing the significance of such skills within the WWE environment:

“But I would also know how to speak up, more or less when I can speak up too, because now I go back to times where, ‘Oh, I should’ve said no to this,’ or spoken up here or say no to this in a tactful way without saying outright, ‘No, I’m not doing that.’ We’ll see.”

Maclin proceeded to express his pride in the transformation he underwent following his departure from WWE, highlighting how he successfully redefined himself and found his own identity within Impact Wrestling. He said,

“I put everything on my shoulders the day I was let go. I’m getting my vignettes done, I’m getting my character, I want to show everybody who I am. Then when I stepped foot in IMPACT, I looked around and a few matches went by and it was, ‘Okay, cool, I think I can be a guy here.’”

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