Steve Austin Talks Favorite ‘Straight Up’ Moments, Being At RAW In MSG

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Steve Austin Talks Favorite ‘Straight Up’ Moments, Being At RAW In MSG Anthony Nash Friday, September 13, 2019 SHARE

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Steve Austin’s latest jump into television comes in the form of Straight Up Steve Austin, a television series on USA Network that sees the legendary WWE superstar visiting with a variety of celebrity guests for a day. While speaking to TV Insider, Austin revealed what some of his favorite moments were on the show, and also touched on how special it was to be a part of Monday Night RAW’s recent trip to Madison Square Garden.

“We’re having fun, so we’re all engaged. I’m like a kid in the candy store here,” he said, speaking on the experience of the show so far. “…We kind of wanted to draw from all walks of life. I’m comfortable talking with people from the wrestling and sporting world because I’m so involved with all those things. I’m also totally enamored with the comedy side of things and the music industry like with Trace Adkins who we shot the pilot with.

When it comes to making the guests open up, Austin has found that doing activities – such as passing a ball with Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield – can help everyone open up. “With Baker Mayfield and me, it was just throwing a football back and forth. I used to throw a football with my brothers in the backyard. You just start talking when you are doing stuff like that. The activities really helped out, more so than I thought. It really lent itself to conversation.”

On the wrestling side of things, Austin was recently with the WWE when they traveled to New York City for a return to Madison Square Garden. For Austin, it was a special night, especially considering how long it’d been since he was there.

“I haven’t been to The Garden in 20 years. It’s funny how time passes by that fast. When you are in the wrestling business and entertainment business and can play arenas. Madison Square Garden is the most famous arena in the world,” he said. “To go back there, it’s kind of like a homecoming for me because we always considered that to be our backyard with WWE being based out of Stanford, Connecticut. The Garden was our number one arena. You always wanted to sell that thing out.”

As Austin continues to expand his tastes in all things entertainment, it’s clear that he’ll continue to do things that challenge him and give a fun experience for his fans, which is just about as expected when it comes to Austin.

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