Steve Austin Isn’t Afraid To Wear A Mask, Alexa Bliss Removes A Piercing

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Steve Austin Isn’t Afraid To Wear A Mask, Alexa Bliss Removes A Piercing

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Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images for Wendy’s

Steve Austin Isn’t Afraid To Wear A Mask

Steve Austin posted on social media today about a trip to the otherworldly plane known as outdoors today, and he was sporting a custom Crimson Tide facemask. He was proud of it too, as when a commenter stated that the face covering “goes against” his reputation and makes him “conform”, the Texas Rattlesnake responded with a swift and brutal “Shut up dude.” Good to see the famously alcohol-fueled legend keeping a level head in a time of crisis.

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Running errands on the Mean Streets of LA. Friend of mine made me this custom @alabamafbl mask. The mask is cool but she made it a little too small. So it cuts off the circulation to my ears. My ears are actually crimson. Since she is a @clemsonfb fan, I figured she ribbed me on purpose. #staysafe #rolltide #fordfocus

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Alexa Bliss Removes A Piercing

Alexa Bliss posted a picture of her back onto social media, and it had two fresh holes in it. That’s because she had her dermal piercings removed. In the image, she stated that she took one too many kicks to the back to keep them in place without enduring serious pain, but commented that they had “a hell of a run.”

Bye bye back dermals 😩

— Lexi Kaufman (@AlexaBliss_WWE) May 13, 2020

The comments on Twitter are full of fans posting GIFs in tribute and men in their 30s learning what back dermals were for the first time. I fall into the second camp, but I still wish Little Miss Bliss a speedy recovery.