Sonya Deville On The Truth Behind Her Promos, Having Creative Liberty

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Sonya Deville On The Truth Behind Her Promos, Having Creative Liberty

sonya deville

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sonya Deville recently spoke with Rich Ucchino of Sportskeeda discussed several topics. Deville reflected on her recent success, her heated promos and more. Here are some highlights:

On the input she gets on her promos:

Deville: “To be honest, I get a lot of freedom. I’m blessed that, you know, I think it’s one of those things where, once you prove yourself and they know that you can talk, who knows your character and your thoughts better than yourself, right? So yeah, I’ve had really cool creative liberties to work with the writers and come up with some cool stuff and kind of say what I’m feeling the last few months.”

On the truth behind her promos:

Deville: “I mean, it’s the greatest feeling ever, you know? Everyone can relate to what it feels like to be stuck in somebody’s shadows, you know? I feel like it’s always like Lucy and Ethel or you know, it’s like there’s always that one that kind of outshines the other. And I feel like I was a part of Absolution and it was me, Paige and Mandy. And then it was Fire and Desire and it was me and Mandy and like I’ve said, I walked out to her entrance music and she kind of played more the prominent role, so there was a certain amount of frustration that’s real. When you’re living in that, that’s easy to translate into the character, too. So it’s been really fun to kind of let loose and use some of that real-life emotion and put it into the work inside the ring.”

On whether feuding with Mandy has affected their friendship:

Deville: “Well we’re not friends anymore, we don’t talk. I’ve said this multiple times. We run a mutual business, Damandyz Donuts, and we communicate through our assistant, Ryan. So shout out to Ryan for allowing us to remain copacetic for the business’ sake.”

On fans’ feedback to her resent push:

Deville: “I feel like fans love it when they can feel the genuinity [sic] and the realness in someone’s character or persona and I mean, that’s everything that I say, everything that I do, it comes from a real part of me and it really is me. So I feel like fans are feeling that, and they’re finally seeing what I’ve always known I’m capable of, you know? I’ve always been a performer since I was young and I’ve always, I’ve been a lifelong athlete and competitor. So I feel like I’m just falling into my grove right now and everyone’s just starting to see it. But like I said, it’s something I’ve always known that I was capable of. So it’s fun to have the fans on that journey with me.”

The full video is available here:

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