Sonya Deville On Finn Balor As An Ally For LGBTQ Community

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Sonya Deville On Finn Balor As An Ally For LGBTQ Community

Sonya Deville

Photo Credit: WWE

Sonya Deville appreciates the support from a star like Finn Balor in an effort for the betterment of LGBTQ community.

As Pride Month comes to a close, Deville spoke with Scott Felstead of The Mirror about being a strong representative for the cause and first touched upon how much that role means to her.

“The last five years, from the time I came out on Tough Enough to now, has really been a learning process for me and becoming more comfortable with myself. So to know that I went through all those real scary emotions, and a lot of my fans are going through that same kind of stuff right now, and I can be sort of a positive influence or comfort to them knowing that I did it, and they can do it, it means a lot to me.”

Deville then mentions what a major factor Balor has been in making the presence of Pride a primary focus in the wrestling culture.

“For him to use the large platform that he stands on to spread such a good message, he’s always been a good friend of mine, he’s just like one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met, and for him to use his voice as an ally is so important, it’s such a big statement.”

Finally, Sonya did talk briefly about the Speaking Out movement and how such kind of dialogue, no matter how abrasive to norms it may be, should be a matter of focus for the wrestling world.

“We have to start a conversation; we have to have the uncomfortable conversations to make any kind of change. Nobody grows by staying still, you know what I mean? You don’t get anywhere by staying still.”

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