Sonny Onoo shares his memories of Paul Wight’s potential masked debut in WCW

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On a recent edition of the “AdFreeShows” podcast, Sonny Onoo recalled how Paul Wight nearly had a mask when he debuted in WCW.

Wight made his WCW debut as The Giant and was initially teased as being Andre the Giant’s son.


Onoo said, “I found Andre the Giant’s mask, which I didn’t realize I had. That mask, … we were gonna use it for Paul Wight, when Paul Wight was coming in.

The storyline we were gonna use was [to] put that mask on Paul Wight, and make his first appearance in WCW, and of course everybody from Hulk [Hogan] and everybody else would freak out.”

Wight was in WCW for four years before he signed with WWE and became The Big Show.

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Paul Wight, better known as The Big Show in WWE, almost had a very different debut in WCW. Sonny Onoo, a former WCW manager, recently revealed on the “AdFreeShows” podcast that Wight was initially supposed to wear a mask when he first appeared in WCW.

Wight made his WCW debut as The Giant and was initially teased as being Andre the Giant’s son. However, according to Onoo, there were plans to have Wight wear a mask for his debut. Onoo mentioned that he had found Andre the Giant’s mask, which he didn’t realize he had at the time. The plan was to put that mask on Wight and have him make his first appearance in WCW, causing a stir among the wrestlers and fans.

The idea behind this storyline was to create a sense of shock and surprise when Wight revealed himself as The Giant without the mask. It would have added an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to his character, as well as capitalizing on the connection to Andre the Giant.

Unfortunately, these plans never came to fruition as Wight ended up debuting without the mask. He went on to have a successful four-year run in WCW before signing with WWE in 1999 and becoming The Big Show. Throughout his career, Wight has been known for his imposing size and strength, as well as his ability to entertain both in and out of the ring.

While the mask idea may not have materialized, it’s interesting to think about how it could have changed the trajectory of Wight’s career. Would he have been able to maintain the same level of success and popularity without the mask? Or would it have added an extra layer of intrigue to his character?

Regardless, Wight’s career has been filled with memorable moments and accomplishments. From winning multiple world championships to being a part of iconic storylines, he has left a lasting impact on the world of professional wrestling.

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In conclusion, the revelation that Paul Wight almost debuted in WCW wearing a mask adds an interesting twist to his career. While the mask idea never came to fruition, it’s a reminder of the creative possibilities and what could have been. Wight’s journey in the wrestling industry has been remarkable, and fans continue to appreciate his contributions to the sport.