Sonny Onoo Commends Eric Bischoff’s Impressive Martial Arts Abilities

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During a recent “AdFreeShows” Q&A session, former WCW talent and manager Sonny Onoo discussed Eric Bischoff’s skills as a martial artist.

You can check out some highlights from the session below:


On Eric Bischoff: “As you know, he’s a very competitive person, by nature. All of us are, I competed as well, at the world national level. Eric was a hell of a fighter. As a matter of fact, I just seen a poster I have of Eric fighting on a National Card. He was on CBS Sports fighting a match, what we call semi-contact, now we call it kickboxing.”

On Bischoff’s issue with point karate fighting: “Eric was a pretty tough guy, he could fight, he liked fighting. His problem was you have three seconds to score when you take somebody down. … He would grab you with his right hand and sweep your front leg and he would punch you with his left hand as you’re going down.”

On how Bischoff would get DQ’ed a lot when competing in karate: “It’s supposed to be a controlled blow, so he got DQ’ed a lot! He could’ve won a lot more championships if he didn’t get DQ’ed. Maybe he just got carried away, or maybe he didn’t care about winning, but he sure liked fighting.”

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Eric Bischoff, a well-known figure in the world of professional wrestling, has been praised for his skills as a martial artist. In a recent Q&A session with Sonny Onoo on AdFreeShows, Onoo discussed Bischoff’s abilities and his passion for fighting.

Onoo, who is also a former WCW talent and manager, revealed that Bischoff is a highly competitive person by nature. He explained that both he and Bischoff competed at the world national level and that Bischoff was a formidable fighter. Onoo even mentioned seeing a poster of Bischoff fighting on a national card, where he showcased his skills in what is now known as kickboxing.

However, Onoo also mentioned that Bischoff had an issue with point karate fighting. In this type of competition, fighters have three seconds to score when they take someone down. Bischoff had a unique technique where he would grab his opponent’s front leg with his right hand and sweep it while simultaneously punching with his left hand. This move often resulted in disqualifications for Bischoff because it was considered an illegal blow.

Despite getting disqualified frequently, Onoo believes that Bischoff could have won numerous championships if he had controlled his blows. It seems that Bischoff’s love for fighting sometimes got the better of him, leading to his disqualifications. Nevertheless, his passion for martial arts and his competitive nature were evident.

As fans of professional wrestling, it’s fascinating to learn about the diverse backgrounds and talents of the individuals involved in the industry. Eric Bischoff’s skills as a martial artist add another layer to his already impressive career. Whether it was in the wrestling ring or in the martial arts arena, Bischoff’s competitive spirit and fighting prowess were undeniable.

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