Solo Sikoa States The Family Were Born To Be In Wrestling, More

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Solo Sikoa just recently took a seat with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso to go over a range of subjects.

Throughout the interview, the Bloodline member talked about his relative being born to be in wrestling, the contrasts to Umaga he recieves, and more.

You can have a look at some highlights from the interview listed below:

On how The Bloodline were born to be in wrestling: “I’m expected to be here. I’m not going to escape from something I was born to do. Roman was born to be champ. The Usos were born to be the best tag group champs. We were born to do this. Now we’re doing it genuine.”

On welcoming the contrasts to Umaga: “The heavy equipment, the juggernaut, that’s who I am. I desire that battle– anytime, anywhere. Umaga wasn’t terrified to eliminate anybody. Neither am I.”

On life on the roadway: “We invest more time on the highways than we do in your home. We invest more time at the airport. This is the deep end. That’s this life. You’re going to feel every punch. Every kick, every Samoan drop. This is my life.”

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