Soldiers of Savagery Are Just Scratching The Surface, Defending ROH Six-Man Titles Every Chance They Get

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Soldiers of Savagery Are Just Scratching The Surface, Defending ROH Six-Man Titles Every Chance They Get

In recent months, two-thirds of the reigning ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Soldiers of Savagery (Moses and Kaun) have mostly competed in six-man or eight-man tag bouts, but the duo is determined to show everyone what they can do as a standard tag team.

In an interview with WrestleZone, Kaun pointed out that they haven’t had a traditional tag team match in several months on ROH TV, so their bout against Dak Draper and Dalton Castle this weekend on ROH Wrestling is a chance to remind fans that the Soldiers of Savagery is one of the most promising tag teams in the company.

“We haven’t had a traditional tag match in ROH in quite a few months, so it’s definitely a chance to prove ourselves and make sure that we get back into the rankings for the tag team championship

Moses made it clear that the Soldiers of Savagery haven’t even scratched the surface in this regard.

“That’s where we started, so that’s kind of like our wheelhouse, tag team wrestling two-on-two,” said Moses. “I feel like people haven’t even seen the surface of what we can bring to the tag team division in Ring of Honor. And they’re gonna find out soon, very soon. So I’m excited for this, I know Kaun’s excited for it. And I’m excited for many more tag opportunities on top of the six-man opportunity that we already have presently in front of us.”

Likewise, Kaun teased that fans will see how he and Moses click as a team when they face Draper and Castle this weekend.

“You can definitely see when you see us tag together, the cohesiveness that we have, you can tell that we’ve been tagging together for a couple years now,” said Kaun. “And that will be on display against Dak and Dalton.”

“Shooters gonna shoot” 👀 @thekaun and @ProlificMoses welcome the competition!

Don’t miss @thekaun @ProlificMoses 🆚 @theDALTONcastle @MileHighMagnum this weekend on ROH TV!

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By facing a former ROH World Champion and a competitor who has won the Top Prospect Tournament, the Soldiers of Savagery will have the opportunity to test themselves, just like they did in a buzzworthy bout with the Briscoes last fall.

“…With the Briscoes, too, we were definitely champing at the bit to wrestle those two guys,” said Kaun. “And then once we got in there with them and came to the back, like, ‘You guys held your own.

“With Dalton Castle, a former world champion, this is another way to gauge that. Can we stand up with him? Even Dak, Dak Draper is a Top Prospect tournament winner, and he came with us through the Dojo. We have so much to prove in this match alone, so it’s definitely a good time to gauge this stuff.”

Moses chimed in by saying that, moving forward, he and Kaun welcome any and all challengers who want to face them, any time and any place.

“Any competition is welcome,” said Moses. “If they want us, we’ll be there. OGK, Briscoes, Bouncers, just schedule the match, we’ll be in the ring.”

When asked, Kaun also stated that the duo has its sights set on the ROH World Tag Team Championship, as they’ve been aiming for the titles since they arrived in ROH.

“Definitely,” said Kaun. “Once we came to ROH as a team and we got brought up to the main roster, Tag Team Championships was the number one goal. Most likely, I would love to face the Briscoes for the Tag Team Championships.”

Aside from their pursuit of the ROH World Tag Team Championship, Moses and Kaun continue to reign supreme alongside Shane Taylor as the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions. Both men vowed to continue this impressive reign as long as they can; in doing so, they continue to make history with the titles.

“It’s been one hell of a reign,” said Kaun. “And we’re now in the number two rankings, Iike number two place for longest-reigning Six-Man Champions in ROH history. Period. And we’re defending these belts every chance we have them. Outside of ROH, inside of ROH, we’re gonna make this reign continue as long as possible, and we’re putting these belts on notice. We’re making people care about the six-man division.”

“I think when we won the belts, we didn’t just view that as an accomplishment,” Moses added. “It was, ‘Okay, now how can we make this special?’ And I think that we have done that this far… I do think we’ve defended the six-man belts more than the previous champions. I think we have offered more opportunities for them to be defended than previous champions. We’re going to show you why we’re here and why we are the champions. And I think we pride ourselves on that, and until somebody can take them from us, we’re gonna continue to do that.”

Watch our full interview with the Soldiers Of Savagery at the top of this post.

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Can @thekaun and @ProlificMoses handle the “Poison” that is @theDALTONcastle and @MileHighMagnum when they face each other this weekend on ROH TV? ☠️

Tune in to find out! #WatchROH

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