Smash Explains Why The Road Warriors-Demolition Feud Was A Letdown

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In a recent appearance on “The Wrestling Perspective Podcast,” Smash, a former WWE Superstar and member of Demolition, delved into their rivalry with Legion of Doom (aka The Road Warriors) and shared why it was ultimately a letdown.

Discussing how Demolition worked in contrast to the Road Warriors, Smash said,


“We actually got down to the mat and wrestled people, you know? Road Warriors never did that. [When] we wrestled The Rockers, we took bumps for them. We were the team that worked with every team — differently. We weren’t just the strong guys. That’s why I never thought we were like The Road Warriors.”

Sharing his insights on how the dynamic of the highly anticipated feud was completely lopsided and how the booking was essentially killing them off, he said,

“I thought that was the biggest mistake ever. They put us together — it didn’t mean anything. These two top teams are going against each other, and it just felt like a regular tag match. If they would have kept us apart and kept us as babyfaces, and let those guys be whoever the crowd wanted them to be, and eventually put us against each other, it would have been a huge match and would have worked better.

“It was a letdown for those guys, too. The issue is — they were trying to kill us off, and the fans were not letting that happen. They wanted Road Warriors over as babyfaces, but those guys were heels. That [rivalry] could have taken us to a whole new level. Instead, things went the other way, and it made us worse.”

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