Smack Talk Podcast # 589– Super Star Ratings Rey Mysterio, Hall of Lame & More

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The material for today’s playlist of Smark Out Moment SMACK TALK wrestling podcasts includes the following videos:

WWE Madison Square Garden Road to WrestleMania Supershow (March 12, 2023) Review

  • Get our responses to my very first time at Madison Square Garden and my better half’s very first WWE program ever.

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  • ” 640 “height= “360” frameborder= “0” allowfullscreen=” allowfullscreen” > Superstar Scores: Rey Mysterio How does Rey Mysterio

‘s profession appearance when score him on a 0-100 scale in the 10 classifications of

  • Superstar Scores? ( Darkcast) Hall of Lame Who is the worst masked character of perpetuity in wrestling? Who is the worst tradition wrestler( 2nd generation, 3rd generation, and so on) ever? What was John Cena’s worst WrestleMania match? Learn on the 3rd edition of Hall of Lame for our unique Darkcast tier customers on Patreon and YouTube!

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  • “//” width= “640 “height=” 360″ frameborder=” 0″ allowfullscreen=” allowfullscreen” > Hot Tags Topics of the Week Rundown of the most notable news, chatter, reports, existing occasions and tv wrap-ups in WWE and AEW this

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