Smack Talk Podcast # 581– 1993 Royal Rumble Watchalong & Fantasy Booking

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The material for today’s playlist of Smark Out Moment SMACK TALK wrestling podcasts includes the following videos:

Fantasy Booking WWE Royal Rumble Mock Draft Cards

  • We’ve chosen our lineups of 50 WWE Superstars. Who can make the very best Royal Rumble pay-per-view card possible?

1993 Royal Rumble Match Commentary Track

  • This Fannounce Table is a watchalong of the 1993 Royal Rumble match! Hot Tags Topics of the Week Rundown of the most notable news, chatter, reports, present occasions and tv wrap-ups in WWE and AEW today WATCH/LISTEN TO SMACK TALK on YOUTUBE|ITUNES|STITCHER|SPOTIFY|GOOGLE PODCASTS|TUNEIN|AMAZON MUSIC


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