Simon Gotch Takes Action by Jumping Barricade to Confront Josh Alexander on TNA Impact

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Simon Gotch made quite the impression during this week’s episode of TNA Impact with an ambush on former World Champion Josh Alexander.

After Alexander defeated Alan Angels, the Canadian wrestler was celebrating at ringside with the fans before being attacked by a supposed fan.

This fan was revealed to be Gotch who ended his assault by throwing Alexander into the steel steps at ringside. Gotch then left through the crowd.

In a shocking turn of events, Simon Gotch made his presence known during this week’s episode of TNA Impact by ambushing former World Champion Josh Alexander. The Canadian wrestler had just defeated Alan Angels and was celebrating with the fans at ringside when he was blindsided by a supposed fan.

The fan, who was later revealed to be Simon Gotch, launched a vicious attack on Alexander, leaving him battered and bruised. The assault culminated with Gotch throwing Alexander into the unforgiving steel steps at ringside before making his escape through the crowd.

The incident has left fans and wrestling enthusiasts wondering about the motives behind Gotch’s ambush. Many took to social media to express their shock and confusion, with TNA Wrestling itself tweeting a video of the attack, questioning Gotch’s presence in the IMPACT Zone.

Simon Gotch, whose real name is John Smith, is no stranger to controversy in the world of professional wrestling. The 38-year-old wrestler has had a tumultuous career, marked by both highs and lows. He first gained prominence as part of the tag team “The Vaudevillains” in WWE, alongside his partner Aiden English. The duo achieved success and even won the NXT Tag Team Championship in 2015.

However, their time in WWE was short-lived, and they were eventually released from their contracts in 2017. Following his departure from WWE, Gotch ventured into the independent wrestling scene, competing for various promotions around the world.

Gotch’s ambush on Josh Alexander marks his debut in TNA Impact, and it seems he is determined to make a lasting impression. While the reasons behind his attack remain unknown, it is clear that Gotch has set his sights on making an impact in the promotion.

The incident has sparked speculation among fans about a potential feud between Gotch and Alexander. Both wrestlers are known for their hard-hitting styles and technical prowess, making a potential matchup between them an exciting prospect for fans.

As the wrestling world waits for further developments, one thing is certain – Simon Gotch’s ambush on Josh Alexander has shaken up the TNA Impact landscape. Whether this attack was a one-time occurrence or the beginning of a long-term storyline, it has undoubtedly generated buzz and anticipation among wrestling fans.

Only time will tell what lies ahead for Simon Gotch and Josh Alexander in TNA Impact. As the dust settles from this shocking ambush, fans eagerly await the next chapter in this unfolding story.