Silas Young On Pro Wrestling Being Cyclical, ROH’s Position, Tag Team Title Aspirations In 2020

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Silas Young On Pro Wrestling Being Cyclical, ROH’s Position, Tag Team Title Aspirations In 2020

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Photo Credit: Ring of Honor/Corey Tatum

Silas Young isn’t sure what one thing Ring Of Honor can do different to change things up, but he does see tag team gold in his future.

Young spoke to Wrestlezone’s Kevin Kellam ahead of Ring Of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per-view, and ‘The Last Real Man’ talked ROH’s position in an ever-changing pro wrestling landscape. Young says marketing or format might be something to look into, but the good thing is promotion owner Sinclair Broadcasting believes in the company and they just need to keep plugging away.

“Honestly to me, what does it come down to? It comes down to marketing or something happening, I don’t know. I wish I did know, even some people have some ideas about what it’s going to be and it doesn’t work out. I just feel like wrestling is one of those things where it feels like it goes in cycles and we’re just not at the top end of the cycle. It’s funny, people come to the show and then after the show they say ‘oh, man, you have such an awesome show. It’s so much different live.’ So I think maybe the way it’s shot or maybe bringing in some different talent, who knows. It’s hard to say what that thing could be to bring it up,” Young said, “but the nice thing is Sinclair believes in Ring Of Honor and the guys in the locker room, it’s a super-tight locker room. Everybody believes in everybody, so I think it’s one of those things where you just keep working away and see what you can do, do your best.”

Young has enjoyed a steady career at the top and has been lucky enough not to suffer any major string of injuries. While Young did end up on the shelf in 2015 with a knee injury, he called that a freak accident and credits working out and listening to his body as how he’s been able to stay healthy.

“I’m lucky. I always say I was built to be a pro wrestler. The knee injury, that was a torn ACL and that was a freak thing where I took a hip toss into a guardrail and I just hit at a perfect angle. My knee bent over and it popped from hyper flexing [is how] the doctor described it. It caught right behind my knee,” Young explained, “but the momentum kept my leg going so it basically pushed and flexed my knee too far, if that makes sense.

“That was a freak accident, and I dislocated my elbow my fourth match in, but to be honest with you at that point I was an idiot who had been trained by some crappy dudes and I was half-assing what I was doing. So that was more of not being properly trained than something I shouldn’t have been doing. Besides that,” Young said, “I’ve had some black eyes and a broken nose a couple of times but I’ve been fairly injury-free, knock on wood. I swear my body’s built for it and I work out pretty regularly. I’m not a guy that’s super big into dieting but I work out pretty regularly and I do all sorts of different types of workouts—lifting, running, swimming—you’ve just got to listen to your body.”

Young recently started teaming with Josh Woods and he says he saw a lot of potential in the former ROH Top Prospect winner. Young was asked about his title aspirations as a singles or tag team competitor, and he says he’ll always strive to be World Champion but right now he sees a tag title win coming in the new year.

“Right now I’m really invested in this tag team and doing what I’m doing with Josh,” Young said, “it’s like a pet project of mine and I really want to see where that can go. I’m kinda letting the world title aspirations take a back seat to what I’ve got on my plate right now.”

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