Significant Changes Regarding AAA & CMLL Stars Participating in AEW Events Concurrently

Significant Changes Regarding AAA & CMLL Stars Participating in AEW Events Concurrently
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As previously noted on eWn, the recent episode of AEW Dynamite featured appearances from wrestlers affiliated with AAA and CMLL, marking a significant milestone in the cooperation between the two wrestling franchises.

Historically, the relationship between AAA and CMLL has been fraught with conflict, leading to wrestlers being discouraged from showing up on the same events. This tense relationship even impacted affiliated partners of CMLL, barring wrestlers like Lucha Bros and RUSH from taking part in AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door PPV matches.

While past reports suggested that the differences between the promotions have been ironed out, a new update from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter indicates a more complex picture.

The report states that CMLL has become more accepting of wrestlers of Mexican descent who haven’t recently been associated with AAA performing alongside their athletes.

For instance, the wrestler Rey Fenix, who hasn’t been linked to AAA since October 2022, was given the green light to perform at AEW Dynamite. Likewise, RUSH was allowed to participate in a non-wrestling segment due to similarly favorable conditions.

It’s worth noting that in the past, CMLL has permitted non-wrestling performances from Mexican talent not affiliated with CMLL.

Regarding Penta El Zero Miedo, AEW stands confident in having him featured despite him participating in a match for AAA last November. The fact that Penta took part in an AAA-connected event with EMW back in February and was listed for another one coming up in April doesn’t seem to deter AEW’s optimism that he can perform on their platform, along with CMLL wrestlers.

Discussions about Bandido’s possible participation are ongoing; however, this is subject to his approval.

On the contrary, recent AAA champions like Komander and El Hijo del Vikingo are expected not to be allowed to participate.

It’s predicted that this revised protocol will also apply to the Forbidden Door concept.