Shelton Benjamin Unveils if His WWE Departure Caught Him Off Guard

Shelton Benjamin Unveils if His WWE Departure Caught Him Off Guard
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Recently, Shelton Benjamin, former WWE Superstar, featured on the “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” podcast where he shared his experiences and views after his surprising departure from WWE, his take on advocating for himself, and his future plans.

The former WWE superstar expressed his mixed feelings regarding his unexpected release from the company. While there was potential for him to pursue more opportunities while still with WWE, he admitted that he always knew that his departure was inevitable seeing as he wasn’t being utilized to his full potential. Despite his disappointment, he understood that it is a business decision.

In the podcast, he also reveals that there were discussions about him taking on a role as a trainer in the company. Although he has a personal love for instruction, he admits he’s not ready to put his personal ambitions on hold as he still has more to achieve in the wrestling industry.

When asked about a possible return to WWE, Benjamin said he would consider if the financial offer is right, as he views professional wrestling as a business and not a personal endeavor. He did not hesitate in recognising WWE as “the biggest game in town,” and stated he would make a return given a suitable position and compensation.

The former WWE superstar also addressed the criticism he got over his promotional skills and his struggle to stand out among the giants of the business like Brock Lesnar and Batista.

Finally, Benjamin speculated that he’d be able to keep wrestling for at least another two years and up to five depending on the schedule, but admitted that sooner or later he would need to consider his role in the wrestling business, be it in the ring or behind the scenes. The full conversation can be found in the video linked in the original post.