Shelton Benjamin Sheds Light on His Reactions to His Unexpected Termination from WWE

Shelton Benjamin Sheds Light on His Reactions to His Unexpected Termination from WWE
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Former WWE Superstar Shelton Benjamin has recently appeared on the “Insight with Chris Van Vliet” podcast where he shared some remarks on his WWE exit, the reasons he didn’t more strongly advocate for himself, and other topics.

On the unexpected announcement of his departure from WWE, Benjamin shared that he was partly surprised because he knew he still had much to contribute. Yet part of him understood that with a plethora of talent at WWE and his long tenure, his release was eventually inevitable if he wasn’t given new tasks.

There were discussions about Benjamin transitioning into a training role, a prospect he is not dismissing. Still, as an individual who loves teaching others, he feels that he is not yet ready to set his personal goals aside, signaling that he still has ambitions he wants to achieve in wrestling.

If given a promising offer, Benjamin is open to returning to WWE. Despite any past disappointments, he separates his personal feelings from business decisions.

Benjamin also expressed regret over not self-advocating more, adding that once he was typecast into a particular role, it was challenging to break free from that image. Despite his noticeable improvements, certain aspects such as his promo work were more scrutinized compared to others.

Lastly, when asked about his future in wrestling, Benjamin speculated he might compete for another two or five years, depending on the schedule. He is also aware of the need to eventually make a transition behind the scenes, as he admits that it’s in his near future. Still, he believes he can still contribute greatly when in the ring.