Shelly Martinez on WHY Dave Batista Purchased Her FIRED From WWE in 2007

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Shelly Martinez on WHY Dave Batista Purchased Her FIRED From WWE in 2007

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My TNA Wrestler says this plugin is adorable! Here's the ingredient before i get into it what annoys me about this i mean it doesn't bother me now but when i wasn't k to focus on about because it's mild very injure i guarantee you no one ever asks batista so what took build aside with that vampire girl but my whole wrestling career after that.

I if truth be told must reply to to that and it's adore how reach no one asks him how reach no one desires to dangle his aspect of the story and i mediate that's crap but without reference to so he was dating molina on the time and i obtained to dangle him and i felt he was my buddy i loved him loads and.

They had been upright selection of getting adore relationship complications and because he didn't reach out so actual in those relationship complications i mean she was my buddy in spite of the whole lot i was there for her so she was venting to me in some unspecified time in the future after a display after which i opened the door and he was adore listening on us and i was adore ew so as that didn't reduction his scenario on.

How i considered him so i was loyal fast with him after that because that's my dwelling girl adore ew nasty and so then he started getting adore pissed off adore oh it's adore you and molina maintain the identical tips and it's adore no dude adore you're a dick to my female friend adore no longer cool adore i'm going to maintain her wait on and so.

Subsequent ingredient i know i get known as into johnny ace's build aside of industrial and there's a courageous batista and i'm pondering what the hell's occurring appropriate now because to me it wasn't adore even that enormous of a deal like it wasn't adore i was adore inflicting distress or without reference to i upright was fast with him and adore perhaps no longer as wonderful to him anymore and so um johnny ace was.

Like oh i’m in a position to't maintain two abilities no longer getting alongside blah blah blah are you able to expose me what's occurring so i looked at dave and i was adore are you able to expose me what's occurring adore what is the scenario after which he was like it's adore you molina had the identical tips and he upright went on this whole ingredient and he wasn't if truth be told making sense of what the.

Recount was and so he stormed out after which i looked at johnny ace and adore a shrimp i started crying i believed i believed he was my buddy that's how adore adore without reference to and he was adore investigate cross-test upright plug as a lot as him shake his hand adore we don't can maintain to be finest associates right here adore and he he appears he felt unfriendly for me he.

Saw that adore i was upset adore because without reference to and so i would plug as a lot as batista and i would plug to shake his hand adore we're supposed to and he wouldn't shake my hand and i'm adore effectively what the f am i supposed to originate adore oh adore without reference to and so johnny yay's.

Label of fell followed up with me about a weeks later i was adore dude he obtained't shake my hand and what he started to originate he would adore in catering shake everyone's hand on the table but me and so i await him to slide and i’m going hi dave i don't mediate he saw me hope you’ve got gotten got a actual day and so.

I obtained in distress for that after which johnny i was adore dude he obtained't shake my hand what am i supposed to originate he goes investigate cross-test i'm actual no he goes upright are trying once more after which i attempted once more it didn't happen then wrestlemania weekend got right here my sister on the time she was in high college so i felt if truth be told fancy i obtained to float her in.

And since we outdated to constantly survey wrestling together increasing up so it's if truth be told cool and uh the map they’d it was the hotel they’d a separate um elevator that we can use so as that the fans couldn't maintain entry to us so i was in the elevator and there was a couple of us wrestlers in.

There with their family and dave and so i was adore oh tall because i was the first one to get off the elevator i was adore what am i supposed to tell adore what am i supposed to tell so i stated k bye everyone maintain a actual day after which as the doors had been closing douchebag and i was adore reach on so.

Johnny ace asked me once extra how are issues going and i urged him what had took build aside i stated investigate cross-test if he desires to be a dick to me pretty but to originate it in entrance of my family and the wrestlers households adore reach on adore why even originate that he goes investigate cross-test i'm gonna expose him i urged you upright to manual clear of him upright steer clear of.

Him i stated tall that's tall so um next ingredient i know there's this wrestler that was by no device i don't mediate he ever made it to adore the predominant predominant adore he was on the road but he nothing if truth be told got right here with him and um he was messing around with some of the divas and she or he was my buddy i don't.

Must title names she was my buddy after which um he was upright being a dick and the diva search ladies he was adore every hitting on them so being shelley he was sitting at one other table my buddy was sitting with me she's all upset and i’m going hey so and so why don't.

You reach take a seat over right here with your female friend your female friend over right here and he obtained so inflamed and so later i went as a lot as him once more i was adore dude she's crying over there after which i be conscious tommy dreamer goes shelly upright slide away upright slide away shelley and so i was adore what and i spotted that the wrestler was adore punching his jaw and.

I'm adore this could hit me at him so then the day goes on kevin and i are gonna plug on dwell television next and i investigate cross-test that wrestler whereas we're waiting explain entice to batista and i'm adore oh shoot it's on and so batista goes hey shelly how about you tips your on-line commercial when.

You're in catering after which i took a 2d i believed i maintain an action figure popping out i performed at wrestlemania i explain right here’s a actual day to get fired and i stated final i checked you weren't even in catering so why don't you tips your own commercial after which everyone upright was like it was.

Highschool and he obtained up and he obtained in my face he's adore f you f you you're nothing on this commercial you don't put asses in seats you're nothing and i stated honestly a loyal mild i stated honestly i don't give a what you judge me and he upright adore looked around and everyone was adore.

And that i could expose it embarrassed him and so he was adore f-u-f-u and he was pushing his middle finger in my face so i was adore and i was adore please hit me please hit me upright hit me and so he was upright pushing his middle finger so i slapped his hand on my face i stated no f you a loyal man would maintain pulled me aside and.

Chewed me out so that you will need to must pop the boys f you adore i stated i don't give a what you judge me and he storms off i be conscious punk and uh domino had been appropriate there inducing domino and i was about to transfer on dwell television so i was adore my hair i maintain to put some hairspray and so i went after which punk's adore no when he grabs me.

Because he's pondering i'm going after her i was adore i want hairspray and so i get ready i’m occurring the market that day ozzy osbourne's band was playing and um i had been inserting out with the band a shrimp bit and additionally they if truth be told dug my vibe and so after ozzy left the opposite band guys stated that they're gonna preserve to.

Stumble on me and kevin blueprint and so i be conscious i was adore dude i'm gonna get fired and so i be conscious if truth be told playing as a lot as the crew to where they started chanting my title i know i'm no longer supposed to originate adore my heel but i didn't care because i was adore right here’s it i'm possibly gonna get fired and so i ate it up ate it up.

And when kevin obtained the match i be conscious i practically started crying because i knew that was it for me i knew it i felt it and so i’m going in the wait on after which oh i'm sorry i skipped some extent the reason i knew i was going to get fired was because appropriate adore minutes before going dwell johnny ace.

Comes out with batista he goes what took build aside and i urged him he goes did that happen he goes i don't know or he goes did you flip her off he goes i don't know but now i’m and i'm adore god adore a shrimp kid and so i was adore dude and so he walks away and i'm pondering johnny ace is going to be adore oh yeah adore reach on.

He goes how dare you focus on over with high male skills that map i was adore what it goes how dare you i stated i don't care who you are once you reach at me adore that and disrespect me i'm going to stick up for myself so i gotta plug originate my job appropriate now so we can continue this conversation when i get wait on so as that's why i knew i was done and.

I'll by no device neglect adore in the wait on one of my associates i saw them and i was adore dude i'm getting fired and additionally they're adore no map no map i could feel it and so went dwelling i be conscious i known as my grandma from the hotel room and i was adore i'm getting you're possibly gonna get fired after which i went wait on on the time i'm.

Composed residing in kentucky after which johnny years known as me and he was adore oh ingenious doesn't maintain something else for you anymore but preserve up a correspondence with us and i started laughing he goes why are you laughing that's no longer why he goes effectively you by no device know i’m going what right here’s the map you guys behavior commercial i.

Don't want to reach wait on right here so thank you anyways and i hung up on them and i be conscious my roommate was adore what upright took build aside i was adore i obtained fired and so as that's the batista story nonetheless it was tough after which when twitter hit and i was i've been on twitter since it first started so a couple years it had.

Long past it was adore becoming extra of a ingredient no longer what it is far right this moment but extra in style dave joined twitter and at that time i had some extra therapeutic and i understood that like it was upright my time to no longer be there anymore because there was different stuff that i skilled where i was adore uh i don't if truth be told mediate right here’s for.

Me adore right here’s no longer my purchase adore for the reason that map i looked at it my predominant ingredient was if i'm no longer a legit a portion of adore the shady toxic stuff but i upright adore investigate cross-test the opposite route then i needs to be pretty because i'm no longer inflicting an scenario adore without reference to aside.

From these of us but adore in total speaking yeah upright investigate cross-test the shady shady stuff that was occurring i was upright adore effectively that's for them that's their commercial but when i saw that i was mild getting adore in distress for no longer conforming that's when i was adore dude i don't know.

About this anymore so um i maintain had some therapeutic and i tweeted dave and i was adore truce after which he wrote wait on this commercial can originate loads to you truce after which on 11 11 11 i went to a red carpet premiere for the movie immortals and he was there and i went as a lot as him and i was adore.

Hey i upright want to tell adore wonderful vibes to you and adore the whole lot blah blah blah we had this conversation and he plug adore you possibly mediate i'm loopy he goes oh you will need to no longer know my mom then adore we had this conversation we took an image together and adore the map i investigate cross-test at it now could well be.

I outdated to mediate for a truly long time that he was accountable for my firing but then i remembered dude i urged off sean michaels dude i urged off randy orton adore that was the final straw adore and my reasoning in the wait on of telling all three of those guys off was all for me sticking up for myself so i figured.

That's upright no longer the build aside for me if i get punished for sticking up for myself and by the map something that bothers me how reach i by no device obtained a gamble to transfer to wrestler's court docket how reach everyone else and their mom obtained to but how reach i didn't get to transfer originate wrestler's court docket how reach if of us maintain these complications with me i wasn't allowed to transfer in wrestler's.

Court docket i don't get it and that's what bothers me in the meanwhile to in the meanwhile we um i believed wrestler's caught was upright for smackdown because that's where undertake wasn't bradshaw was but i explain ecw story was smackdown on the time adore molina went to wrestlers court docket adore um who else did.

Um who was the fellow who did the terrorist gimmick davari yeah javari did plug to wrestlers court docket yeah adore there's of us that went to wrestlers court docket for adore i don't know adore about a of them like it was upright adore selection of adore without reference to stuff i felt adore i deserved to transfer to wrestler sport but i explain they felt.

Like upright eradicate that she's upright an scenario let's upright eradicate her ingenious has nothing yet i was on the gap credits adore because that's the opposite ingredient too we had been taught adore once you're in the gap of the display meaning you're some of the predominant of us and i was on it extra than one instances and so as that's why i adore.

Lab ingenious has nothing for me upright teach you guys mediate it's no longer knowing and i don't without reference to but without reference to you
I love wrestler, because they are the shipshape.

Shelly Martinez on WHY Dave Batista Purchased Her FIRED From WWE in 2007

Shelly Martinez on WHY Dave Batista Purchased Her FIRED From WWE in 2007