Sheamus Wins Battle Royal, AJ Styles Advances To IC Tournament Finals

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Sheamus Wins Battle Royal, AJ Styles Advances To IC Tournament Finals


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

With Jeff Hardy and Elias unable to compete in the WWE Intercontinental Championship tournament due to the events that started tonight’s episode of SmackDown, changes had to be made for how the tournament would go.

With @JEFFHARDYBRAND and @IAmEliasWWE out of action tonight, @ScrapDaddyAP addresses the current status of the #ICTitle Tournament. #SmackDown

— WWE (@WWE) May 30, 2020

While AJ Styles was content with taking a free ride through to the finals, Daniel Bryan didn’t want to just accept a bye week, and instead said he would fight off against anyone. With that said, a battle royal was held between a handful of WWE superstars, with the winner facing off against Bryan with a chance to advance into the finals against Styles. During the match, things came down to Sheamus and Jey Uso, with the former coming away with a big win after delivering a Brogue Kick to Uso to send him flying off the apron and onto the floor, giving the Irish superstar another shot at the Intercontinental title.

We're all @jessamynduke seeing King @BaronCorbinWWE being eliminated. #SmackDown

— WWE on FOX (@WWEonFOX) May 30, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Cesaro and Sheamus team up to ground Shorty G. Sheamsus tries to eliminate Shorty G, but he perseveres. Shorty G drops Sheamus with a tornado DDT. Uso takes control of the match with some superkicks. Uso is floored by a kick from Nakamura. Cesaro rocks Shorty G with an uppercut, but Shorty G eliminates him. Shorty G eliminates Nakamura and the match comes down to Sheamus, Uso and Shorty G. Cesaro sneaks into the ring and tosses Shorty G out of the ring, eliminating him. Uso rocks Sheamus with some punches. Sheamus blasts him with clubbing blows. Uso floors Sheamus with a superkick and nearly eliminates him. They battle on the apron, and Sheamus eliminates Uso with a Brogue Kick.

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