Sheamus: ‘I Will Become The First-Ever Ultimate Grand Slam Champion’

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Sheamus: ‘I Will Become The First-Ever Ultimate Grand Slam Champion’


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Today’s episode of WWE The Bump was mighty busy as Kayla Braxton and her crew played host to both Sheamus and Roman Reigns. “The Celtic Warrior” was the first up to the plate and the recently returned star talked on several topics, one of which included knocking off some ring rust at Dr. Tom Prichard & Kane’s wrestling school. Prichard was the man who trained Sheamus in the ring to get “WWE ready” and states that the good doc hasn’t lost a step.

“He’s just still the best. Anybody who is aspiring to be in the WWE, anyone who wants to learn from the best, there is nobody better than Dr. Tom Prichard,” said Sheamus, who also learned how key it was to leave any sort of ego at home when you set foot on the canvas, because it could be your detriment.

“That’s the story of life, mate. You have to drop your ego at the door. You have to lose the ego. Ego is just something that would just destroy anyone’s dream and hope. I’ve learned so many times.”

Someone who certainly learned that is Sheamus’ fellow friend from across the pond in Drew McIntyre. Sheamus later goes on to give some major praise to one of his closest companions in wrestling.

“He could have blamed everybody, man. He could have turned around and said, ‘You know what, it’s his fault.’ A lot of people do, you know, in situations, blame somebody else; but he just took it on the chin went back and reinvented himself.”

The interview with Sheamus also included surprise appearances by fellow Irishman, Fit Finlay (who also played a major role in his WWE career) and Hornswoggle as well.

Sheamus closed out his interview by stating he has one goal in mind. It all stemmed from going to Edge’s home gym for an episode of “Celtic Warrior Workouts” and seeing all of his accolades on the walls, one of which Sheamus never obtained.

“I have basically won every single thing except for one title in this, and that’s the Intercontinental Championship,” said Sheamus. “I want that Intercontinental championship. I don’t care who has it. I don’t care if it’s Braun Strowman, if it’s Shinsuke Nakamura. I really don’t care because all I want right now is the intercontinental championship because I want to create a legacy that nobody else is going to match. I want to create a legacy where I will become the first-ever Ultimate Grand Slam Champion…”

There’s something else that Sheamus wants too – his original Celtic entrance music back (whatever the lyrics of it are). There was only one problem however: “The Powers That Be” thought it was outdated.

“So I actually wanted to have my original music back. I had pushed for that and I pushed for it, but I was denied. I wanted it ‘Was A Shameful Thing,’ ‘Lobster Head’ or whatever it was,” he joked about the often misinterpreted lyrics. “I brought this to the powers that be and they basically said they don’t remember it. I was told they don’t remember this song. They said it was outdated. So if everybody watching here this wants to have this music back, get online, petition the WWE tell the powers that be, tell the WWE because the WWE Universe has the voice. You tell ’em that you want ‘Too Many Limes’ back as Sheamus walks in that ring. #WWE #WWETheBump”

Some other items from the Sheamus segment of the episode included him discussing his experience at being at the Daytona 500 and the first person he interviewed was Ryan Newman, who happened to be involved in the very scary crash that went down during the race on the next day. Sheamus was in his gym at home and saw the crash occur. He wasn’t sure how bad it was but his hopes were all with Ryan.

“All day Monday my thoughts and everything were with him and his family and I’m hoping that he pulls through. Looks like he’s a lot better now. He’s talking and he’s conscious and hopefully we’ll see him back in the car very, very soon.”

This guy @RyanJNewman is something special! 🙏🏻👊🏻

— Sheamus (@WWESheamus) February 19, 2020

Sheamus also shared as to why he went with the mohawk on his first return back in 2016:

“There’s a Pearl Jam song that goes, ‘I change by not changing a lot,’ which (yeah jam to Pearl Jam) and so I came back after my first major injury at Money In The Bank, I tore my shoulder and I already come back with my original look and everything felt stale. I felt I needed something dramatic.”

“It hit a nerve that I wanted to hit and it was a cool look man. It was a lot of maintenance, mate. A lot of shaving the side of a head every day.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Check out the full episode of The Bump by viewing the video below (fella!)

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