Sheamus Feels Sorry For What He’ll Do To Drew McIntyre On RAW

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Sheamus Feels Sorry For What He’ll Do To Drew McIntyre On RAW


Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Sheamus is moving from SmackDown to RAW and he feels bad for an old friend.

Sheamus first met current WWE Champion Drew McIntyre on the Ireland indie scene back in 2005. The two quickly became friends over their love of the craft and that they’d critique their taped matches after shows rather than go out clubbing. Their goal was always to come to the WWE with a hard-hitting style and now Sheamus feels the champ has grown a bit soft and forgotten his roots.

“I don’t know the lay of the land, I don’t know what I’m going to do on RAW,” Sheamus told Sports Illustrated. “But I’ve heard people talking about a feud with Drew,” Sheamus says. “If it does happen, I feel sorry for Drew. He’s going to remember very, very quickly how hard I hit. I’m worried I’ll hit him so hard that he’ll just turn to dust. He’s my friend, I don’t want to do that to him. He’s been messing around with these American wrestlers for so long, tippy-tappying around the ring, but one shot from me will make him realize how easy he’s had it before I got there.”

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