Shayna Baszler Costs Nia Jax RAW Women’s Title Match, Charlotte Flair Agrees To Play With Alexa Bliss

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Shayna Baszler Costs Nia Jax RAW Women’s Title Match, Charlotte Flair Agrees To Play With Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss Hell in a Cell

Image Credit: WWE

Charlotte Flair and Nia Jax faced off on tonight’s episode of Monday Night RAW with the WWE RAW Women’s Championship on the line. Unfortunately for Jax, her former teammate, Shayna Baszler directly cost her the match.

Prior to the bout, Baszler got on the microphone shared her belief that Jax didn’t have what it takes to beat Flair two weeks in a row. Baszler then wondered whether Jax would end up choking, and Flair took the opportunity to attack Jax from behind. With the match officially underway, things quickly went in Flair’s favor, partially due to to Baszler consistently trying to make sure Jax would lose.

.@QoSBaszler just cost @NiaJaxWWE the #WWERaw #WomensTitle!@MsCharlotteWWE #AndStill

— WWE (@WWE) September 7, 2021

Each and every time Jax seemed to get the upper hand, Baszler would attempt to step in, including right at the end of the match. After Jax hit Flair with a nasty headbutt, she set up the RAW Women’s Champion in the corner, but Baszler again got in her way. As Jax and Baszler jawed back and forth, Flair took advantage and dropped Jax with a Natural Selection and pinned her for the win.

Following the match, though, the situation got even more dramatic. Alexa Bliss appeared on the video screen and said that she and Lilly would like to invite Charlotte and one of her “fancy robes” to the playground. Flair tried to decline the offer, but Bliss wouldn’t take no for an answer, telling Charlotte that she also knows what it’s like to be cooped up all day with a maniac since she is a Flair. Bliss warned that if Charlotte wouldn’t join them on the playground, they’d just bring the playground to her.

"This isn't your Playground. It's mine." 👀@AlexaBliss_WWE and Lilly have their sights set on @MsCharlotteWWE's #WomensTitle. #WWERaw

— WWE (@WWE) September 7, 2021

At this point, the lights went out, and eery music began to play. When the lights came back up, Bliss and Lilly were in the ring with Flair. Charlotte asked what she wanted, and Bliss pointed to the title, making her interest in the gold quite clear. Flair seemingly agreed to give Bliss a shot, but she left her new challenger with a firm message; she said that this isn’t Bliss’ playground. Instead, it belongs to “The Queen.”

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