Shawn Michaels Talks Retirement, Why ‘NXT Is Wrestling At Its Best’

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Shawn Michaels Talks Retirement, Why ‘NXT Is Wrestling At Its Best’

shawn michaels

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Shawn Michaels recently talked to Sports Illustrated about his current job at the WWE Performance Center and working with NXT stars, his retirement status, and what he thinks is the best wrestling.

Check out highlights below:

On his job at NXT and if he’s content being retired:

When Triple H asked me about working there, I didn’t know everything that the job entailed. Once I got to interact with so much of the talent, it got a hold of me. They were a very inspiring group of young men and women, and it reinvigorated my desire and passion to be back in the wrestling business. It was all in the very pure, hungry, wanting to make it to the very top state that NXT has always been. It got a hold of me right away.

I’d rather stay behind the scenes and let the stars of tomorrow take their rightful place. My time has come and gone. This is all about them.

His thoughts on NXT as a whole:

NXT is wrestling at its best. We’re going to continue on that track, and that’s showing people the best talent in WWE, which is in NXT.

Why Adam Cole, Keith Lee, and Shayna Baszler are stars:

They deliver every single time they’re out there. All three of them all embrace and adapt to big situations. I’ve never seen one of them not look cool, calm or collected when they go out into high impact, highly visible matches. There hasn’t been a time for any of them where the situation was too big or got the better of them, and that gives us a great deal of confidence moving forward. These are all big-time performers.

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