Shawn Michaels On Who He Thinks Was His Best Wrestling Rival

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Shawn Michaels On Who He Thinks Was His Best Wrestling Rival

Photo by: Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently sat down with ViBe & Wrestling and went into detail about who he thinks was his best rival throughout his career.

Shawn said, “Well I think it’s got to be Bret Hart right? I mean my goodness how do you mention me and not mention Bret. Certainly it spilled over into real life but again all these years later, it was something that was so palpable and people felt so proud as I am of all those other rivalries, but I think it’s Hart.

Without mentioning Bret Hart, Shawn had other rivalries in mind. He said, “If we don’t mention that one I would say Triple H. I think he and I, even though now I certainly think everybody has always associated both of us with our friendship, think they always knew what we did was very real. We still managed to cross one another backwards and forwards as good guys, bad guys, medium guys, and then tagging together. We did a lot of stuff together, Triple H and I, that you couldn’t always get away with but because people knew the behind-the-scenes story on him and I it somehow always seemed to make sense. They could understand us beating each other because they knew we were both really competitive and competitive with one another, and that always added to the storyline. I have to say in the first part of my career it’d be Bret Hart and then the second part I think I’d have to say triple H.”

You can listen to the entire video interview below.

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