Shawn Michaels And Triple H Offer High Praise To The Women Of NXT

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Shawn Michaels And Triple H Offer High Praise To The Women Of NXT

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Triple H and Shawn Michaels are the masterminds of the NXT brand. Speaking with Comic Book, both men discussed why they feel the NXT Women’s Division is a great division and why their Championship is one of the most sought-after in wrestling.

“The NXT women’s title is one of the most meaningful ones in the business,” Triple H said. “That is a testament to all the women who played a role in that. The women in NXT, they’ve got something to prove. They’re really going out of their way to make a name for themselves.”

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“There are no definites in this business, but I’d argue it’s pretty close,” Michaels added. “The women of the past helped develop this division, and it still operates at the highest level. I can still remember visiting NXT before I was working in the Performance Center, and I watched Sasha and Charlotte. I can remember watching a match and thinking, ‘My goodness, these two are incredible. If I were going to Monday Night Raw, I would want to steal all of that.’ I was just so impressed by what they were doing in the ring.”

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