Shaul Guerrero Compares Her WWE & AEW Experiences, Paying Tribute To Her Mom

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Shaul Guerrero Compares Her WWE & AEW Experiences, Paying Tribute To Her Mom

shaul guerrero

Photo Credit: Shaul Guerrero / Women Of Wrestling

Indie wrestling star and ring announcer extraordinaire Shaul Guerrero recently joined Spencer Love to discuss her different experiences in AEW compared to WWE. She also talked about paying tribute to her mom along with a few other topics that you can see below.

On the differences between her WWE & AEW experiences:

I’ve trained with a lot of people there back in my FCW days and back when I was at NXT. It’s true what everybody says. The environment in the back is a lot more relaxed. There’s a lot less pin needles to be worried about. I mean, there’s like an overwhelming amount of respect for everybody. Everybody’s just there to put on a good show and have fun. I think that fun was everywhere when I was backstage. I was so fortunate to be able to work with Justin Roberts and announce so many amazing women. Honestly, just between that and watching the training session, watching Dustin Rhodes train everybody, and just – I don’t know, there’s just so many amazing things. And I do believe I was in a different time when I was with WWE, as far as when we’re talking about comparing. I was in the era where like, you know, we were pre-women’s revolution and evolution and everything like that. And so, you know, we had 10 minutes or a bikini contest, or there was just – I think body positivity has increased lately, as well.

Paying tribute to her mom in the ring:

My mom is a boss-ass bitch, and I’m just like, and she’s – you know what, I could never do it like my mom. Honestly, the thing I’m really excited about, even though I will be, I think I’ll be paying homage to my mom in a different, surprising, unexpected way that – it was kind of manifesting itself in NXT. I had this crazy, evil laugh that would happen in the ring. It was like a cackle. I don’t even know where it came from and like, it keeps happening when I’m training and like when I’m in matches. I was like, you know what, I think that is kind of like my little homage to my mom.

On getting back in the ring and what sparked her decision to do so:

Honestly, it’s been fantastic. And, I’m going to be very real with you, it’s a mixture of fantastic and so much stress and pressure. So I’m trying to be very relaxed and zen. I’m working my ass off in the gym. I’m working really hard to try and find a ring when I can [and] when it’s safe because I want to make sure all my opponents and fans I’m going to see, I’m not bringing anything naughty, like ‘Rona. I’m just you know, we’re trying to juggle everything. I’m very excited. My body isn’t! Honestly, though, whenever you’re in the wrestling environment, at least I can say this for me, watching the girls train – there’s always like a women’s training session whenever you’re at a show – and yeah, the bug bit me. I just was like, ‘I’m ready to get back in the ring,’ and then my wheels start turning about gear and like, ‘oh, I could have a storyline with this person, and we could do this. Oh, this would be really cool, or I wish we would tighten this up,’ or whatever.

On signing with a major promotion again:

Honestly, that is my end goal is to be with a promotion that I am passionate about [and] that I care about. And I’m sorry, I love television wrestling, and I love the camera, and I love the big stage. I mean, that was literally what I grew up with. It’s all I remember is being on the road and I don’t know, just being backstage, so that’s what I crave. I feel at home in that space. And so if somebody came a-calling, absolutely! Ab-so-f******-loutely I would go.

You can watch the entire interview below. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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